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3 Tips To Make Your Signage Stand Out

high quality signageHaving the best sign possible is essential for maximizing your business’s potential. In fact, high quality signage can add an additional 75% to your customer base and referrals. If you’re looking to bring new customers to your business and catch the attention of more people passing by your business, designing your sign in the best way possible is a must. Here are a few basic design tips for your business’s custom signs that will make you stand out from the competition and bring customers through your door.


Be Careful With Your Font Choice


When customers read your sign for the first time, you want them to be able to know exactly what your business actually is. While it may be tempting to choose a font that’s extravagant and shows off your creative side, be careful with this; you need your sign to be legible, even from a distance. Clear, clean fonts can ensure there’s as little confusion as possible.


Color Me Interested


When picking out colors for your custom sign design, make sure they’re colors that reflect you and your business. People tend to associate blue with medical services, green with financial, and red with food. Look into learning a bit about some basic color theory when working on your design, so that you can attract the right kind of attention to your business.


Picture Perfect Design


If the name of your business doesn’t immediately make it clear what your specialties are, using simple imagery in your signage could be helpful. This can help avoid any remaining confusion about if you’re a restaurant or a grocery store. If you have a logo already designed, consider including it when you order your custom sign. This can also help improve brand recognition among your customers, helping them to remember you above your competitors and keeping them coming back to you once you’ve gotten them in the door.


Looking for high quality signage to draw more customers into your business and increase your revenue? Shamrock Signs creates high quality signs and custom lighting for all your commercial needs and also offers sign repair to keep your commercial signs working and bringing in more potential customers every day.

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Signs that Your Signs Needs Repair or Replacement

sign repairOutdoor signs are the face of a business. In fact, 79% of Americans remember an establishment based on its sign, making signage one of the most important ways companies bring in sales.


Failing to properly maintain or replace a bad sign can have negative consequences for your establishment’s profits, growth, and customer satisfaction. Ragged or old-looking signs can make customers doubt the quality of your business, or even make them think that your business has closed.


If you notice any of the following issues with your business’s sign, it might be time for a sign repair or even a replacement.


It’s Time For Repairs When:

The Sign is Broken

If there are visible cracks or chunks missing from your sign, it’s time for a sign repair. The sign company that installed your billboard or storefront name display should offer maintenance and repair services. Some cracks or breaks might be too serious for sign repair, but call a repair service for an estimate before purchasing a new sign altogether.

The Lights are Flickering

If the lights in your digital or lighted electric sign are flickering, you might have a few loose bulbs or an electrical problem, like a weak or inadequate power source. Sign repair services can often fix flickering signs with relatively little effort, or make recommendations about how to connect the sign to a better power supply.

The Lights Just Seem Dim

A dimly-lit sign may not attract as many customers as a bright sign because it is less visible or seems less professional. If you think your electric sign could be brighter, you might have old bulbs or an electrical problem. Sometimes, this issue can be fixed with a simple repair or cleaning, but other times, a dim sign indicates it’s time to switch to a brighter, newer sign, like an LED replacement.


It’s Time to Replace When:

The Sign is Outdated

If your sign is advertising services you no longer offer, it has got to go! Similarly, trendy signs that go out of style can discourage customers looking for the next new thing. If your business has changed directions, but your sign hasn’t, it’s time for a replacement.

There’s an Error or Bad Phrasing

Another big red flag that a sign needs replacement is poor phrasing or grammatical errors. Problems like these will discourage customers, who might believe the company is unprofessional or low-quality. If your custom sign has a misspelling, awkward phrase, incorrect contact information, or a grammar issue, get a new sign or risk losing business.


A new-looking, bright, and accurate sign can be the difference between booming business and diminishing sales. Follow these tips to know when to repair and when to completely replace your company signs.


The Basic Dos and Don’ts of Business Signage

signsIf you own or manage a business, you know that advertising is everything. Tools like digital signs and outdoor displays are crucial to enticing customers. Whether you run a store, a restaurant, or any other kind of business, signs are the face of a business, and you want yours to be attractive.


Unfortunately, making a mistake when choosing or placing a sign can be detrimental to your business. Use the following dos and don’ts to avoid signage fiascoes, and to help your business thrive:

Do Consider Your Audience

As with any other marketing or advertising endeavor, the audience is everything. If you know that your target market is children and families, be sure that your sign is fun, colorful, and implies either educational or recreational benefits for kiddos. If your target audience is more mature, consider sophisticated fonts with simplified colors and styles to indicate quality and expertise.

Do Think About Location

A good sign is easily readable. Find a location that is raised to help viewers see it from a distance, but don’t select a location that is too high for nearby onlookers. Choose a place that can be viewed from multiple directions, or else risk losing a portion of potential customers.

Do Focus on Brand

Your outdoor signs should be a reflection of your brand’s mission. Be sure to include fonts, colors, and images that you want your customers to associate with your company. Failing to include a brand logo or styles typical of your company might render the sign ineffective, as viewers won’t sure who the message is coming from.

Don’t Try to Do Too Much

Trying to incorporate custom lighting and designs is a good choice, but don’t expect a single sign to be able to advertise multiple aspects of your business. Too much clutter on a sign can make it less appealing. Don’t try to cram in your address, website, email, and phone number, either– your customers should be able to find everything they need with a quick online search.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Finally, don’t spend your hard-earned money on a sign that is poorly designed or not built to last. Cutting corners will result in less business and a lower return on investment. Purchasing high-quality signs can save you headaches down the road, and can help promote your business so that you can buy more advertising opportunities in the future.


No matter what kind of business you operate, you can’t deny the importance of good signage. In fact, 70% of consumers agree that the quality of a businesses’ sign reflects the quality of the business. Use these dos and don’ts to help guide customers to your high-quality products with a few well-placed and attractive custom signs.

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Roadside Signage Tips That Actually Work

custom architectural signageThere are two cardinal rules to all forms of roadside signage. First, contrasting and readable colors only. Second, favor type size over quantity of words. Any roadside signage, be it small outdoor signs or huge custom architectural signage, has a limited amount of characters to work with before the message doesn’t reach passersby. Think of this like a byline or Tweet — you have a limited amount of readable space to send a message. Yet despite the small package, on-site signage is as valuable per year as 24 full-page newspaper ads. How are you going to knock it out of the park in a small space?

Simple, eye-catching design is always in style. When it comes to big long-term installations like custom architectural signage, your first priority should be readability and brand representation. Someone passing by should be able to look at your sign and know exactly what your business is. Custom architectural signage should also be sturdy to minimize sign repair needs down the line. Does this leave a lot of room for play? Not really, unless your brand itself is centered around a playful theme or product.

There’s a third rule of signage to use whenever possible. How about sign installations you can have fun with? For your less permanent custom signs, making light of your product (or anything, really) gets attention. Humor is one of those things that just grabs people, no matter what you’re selling. Of course, your humor may shift depending on what demographic you’re marketing to (millennials vs boomers, for example), but overall there’s a reason funny signs go viral online.

Think of this: how many signs for local churches do you pass by in your day to day driving routes? How many of them do you really notice, read, and remember? What if that church had a sign posted like these real-life examples:


    • “At the heart of every sin is the letter ‘I’.”


    • “Keep using my name in vain, I’ll make rush hour longer. -God”


    • “Adam and Eve: The first people to not read the apple terms and conditions.”


    • “Too hot to keep changing sign. Sin bad, Jesus good, details inside.”


Much more punchy, right? Humor sticks in people’s brains way more than a clearly advertisement-centric message. Want to get attention? Use large type, clear colors — and humor. 

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Tips For Your Architectural Signage Design

custom architectural signageCustom architectural signage is a great investment for your business’s roadside appeal. Having an official set-in-stone announcement of your business’s storefront is not only validating for you, it’s a big draw for potential local customers. Good signage can attract half of your new customer base, so make sure that the design of your custom architectural signage is exactly what you want to advertise to your customer demographic.

Focus on the name, but don’t discount adding extra info.

Obviously, your business’s name should be the focal point of any custom architectural signage. A lot of folks think that info beyond the business name is unnecessary on architectural and roadside signage. Some counties and towns have even added bylaws to their books that make extra information on roadside business signage illegal, often on the grounds that it’s unsightly or distracting. Contrary to popular belief, about 71% of people read the messages on roadside signs. If you have an appealing bit of info or important information to add in small type under your business’s name, don’t be completely discouraged. An expert sign designer can help pull the text into the overall ‘look’ of the sign and keep the design on-brand.

Don’t sacrifice durability purely for aesthetic.

Especially if you’re on a tight budget for advertising and signage, architectural signs need to last. They’re out in the open, susceptible to weathering and fading, and you don’t want to be paying for another one just a few years after you bought the first one. You can compromise a little bit on durability for esthetic purposes like materials and colors, but heed any warnings from your sign installers and designers. 

Make sure your preferred esthetic for your business is decided upon before designing your sign.

If you’re not sure what kind of colors and styles represent your business yet, get busy setting up your business’s design style guide. Your architectural signage should be a reflection of your business’s mood. Don’t settle on random blue and yellow hues and Victorian style for your architectural sign if you’re going to decide six months later that you want to go with a green and orange color scheme and modern vibes instead. Keeping your business esthetic uniform across signage and advertisements helps you create a recognizable, authoritative brand identity.

Experienced sign companies know how to make custom sign designs that adhere to your wants AND advise you on the best practices for designing outdoor signage. Even so, keep these important tips in mind when working out a design so you’re not disappointed.

4 Myths About Outdoor Digital Signs You Shouldn’t Believe

high quality signsOutdoor signs help business owners tremendously, and they’ve been around for a long time. Unfortunately, there are still some common misconceptions floating around that people believe. Here are four of those misconceptions and the truth behind them.

They need to be loaded with information

Many business owners think that in order to have high quality signs, they need to have loads of information on them. This isn’t really true. In fact, your customers only need enough information on the sign to get them to the next step. That means you can put information as simple as your name and phone number and your audience can get the point. They will contact you if they require additional information. 

Outdoor signs only work for big businesses

Another common misconception about commercial signs is that they only work well for larger businesses. Again, this isn’t true. Whether you need a custom sign for your small barbershop or your farmer’s market stand, your sign will help your audience find you. Small businesses can benefit from high quality signs as much as bigger businesses do.

Once you set the message, you don’t have to change it

Some business owners think that having a sign is enough to drum up some more business. It is at first, but your sign will grow stale after a while if you don’t change the message. Your audience will learn to ignore your sign as it blends in with the background with a stagnant message. Changing up the message on your sign will help draw the attention of your audience and get them to partake in your call to action.

Most signs aren’t high quality

This one can be a serious bummer to many business owners who believe it. More than 70% of consumers indicated that the quality of a businesses’ sign actually reflects the quality of the business. So, if you think that most signs aren’t high quality signs, then you probably think that most businesses aren’t high quality either. The problem is that many lower quality signs probably stick out in your mind, but they aren’t the majority. You just have to make sure the quality of your sign reflects your business, and you’re good to go!

If you own a business, it’s time to throw these sign myths out the window. High quality signs can be wonderous for your business, you just have to make sure you do it right. Give us a call today if you’re ready to invest in a sign that can push your business to the next level.

Don’t Forget This Quick Maintenance For Your Custom Signs

custom signageCustom signage for your business is an investment, right? You spend a lot of time putting thought into hiring a sign company, working with them to design high-quality signs to boost business traffic, and now you have personalized art. If your sign company does high-quality work, they’ll already have put effort into using strong materials, tough paints, and long-lasting lights. That being said, wear and tear happens. Do you know how to take care of your custom signage to get the most mileage out of it? Here are some simple maintenance tips.

Pylon and Monument Signs

Trim nearby bushes, trees, and grass to keep them from overgrowing or obstructing your pylon or monument signs. But be careful to not nick your sign with sheers, clippers, mowers or weed whackers! Check for any indications of crumbling integrity in the base material, too. You don’t want your sign toppling in the next bad storm you get! Ask your installer if an occasional low-power pressure wash and air dry would be beneficial for your sign.

ADA Compliant Signage

Upkeep with your ADA compliant signage is especially important since you’ll potentially be in violation of the ADA if they’re neglected. On indoor signs, spot clean with a gentle cleaner. Make sure colors are still bright and images aren’t faded, peeling, or warped. Check that any required Braille isn’t worn down. If the sign seems like it’s not looking brand new anymore, make a note to order a replacement.

LED Signs

LED signs are eye-catching and fun. It’s backed up by science! About 83% of business owners who purchased an LED noticed a rise in sales. Now, imagine how your business would look if your sign got grubby and old. Not good. For smaller LED signs within your reach, carefully dust them often with a soft rag or duster. Check the wiring for frays, bends, or other abnormalities. If any lights are out or malfunctioning, call a professional to replace the LED bulb. Since LEDs typically last quite a long time, have them make sure the outage isn’t due to a problem with the sign base.

Remember that this only focuses on cleaning and maintaining appearances. If your sign gets damaged, call your sign company. Shamrock Signs offers sign repair for those that we created and installed, and beyond, in Southwest PA, Pittsburgh, Eastern Ohio, and Northern WV. 

Exploring the Top Reasons to Invest In Custom Signage for Your Business and Brand

sign companiesVirtually every business needs some type of signage, that much is obvious — but not many people realize that having a sign that truly stands out and represents your brand is the key to maximizing customer retention and brand awareness. In fact, signage is an advertising and branding tool that can generate an additional 75% to your customer base and referrals. If you’re still not convinced that custom signage and brand building go hand in hand, we’re here to convince you otherwise. Here are just a few proven reasons why custom signage is the perfect solution to help build your business and your brand.


Customized signage and efficient brand building truly go hand in hand. It’s all about making your business stand out as opposed to being ‘just another business’ in the industry. How many times have you driven past a convenience store or other small business that didn’t have a customized sign and instead had a generic logo? Chances are, it wasn’t memorable. By investing in custom signage, you’re investing in the chance that your customers will recognize your business and return once again.


About 60% of consumers have reported that a lack of signage prevented them from entering a business. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to invest in a sign that truly reflects your business’s authenticity. If your business’s sign isn’t clearly visible, most potential customers may not even know your business is there! An investment in customized signage is an investment in your business’s long-term visibility and success.


Signs attract half of a startup business’s new customers. Knowing this, an effective sign will work as a one of a kind advertisement for your business that never goes out of style. It’s a one-time investment that just keeps working to help your business grow and reach its full potential. Sign companies understand your goal of business promotion and will do all they can to help make it happen.

Overall, 70% of consumers indicated that the quality of a business’s sign reflects the quality of the business. Understanding the true reasons custom signage is integral to your business is the key to making the right decisions about commercial signs. For more information about working with custom sign companies, contact Shamrock Signs.

Standing Out in Shared Business Spaces

custom sign designsSharing a business space presents unique advantages and challenges. On one hand, you have a potential support system of other nearby business owners, lease rates may run cheaper, and there’s an established customer base coming through. On the other hand, you are competing. It can be hard to make yourself known, and potential customers may not notice a new business among neighboring businesses. Here are some tips for standing out and cultivating a successful new business in a shared space.

Make connections with your neighbors.

Your neighbors are your friends. Share and trade supplies and ideas! If you have established businesses right next to you, team up with them to tap into their existing customers. Brainstorm promotions you can create with each other to jointly drum up business.

Use signage as a separator.

When you’re in a shared space, it can be difficult to differentiate businesses and stand out from the crowd. Make sure that your space has a unique vibe from your neighbors and draw customers in with visuals. Custom sign designs are a worthwhile investment for any business, but they are especially useful for businesses in a shared space where you may need to get creative due to limited or awkward-shaped space and possible restrictions on signage from leasers. Working with a professional sign company to custom signage means you get the best creative skin for the outside of your business while still following the rules.

Make your presence known.

Don’t just focus on making connections and creating signage in your business space. Branch out and let your local community know that you have arrived! Reach out to other local businesses to see if you can team up for promotions or at least leave business cards. Send out coupons and flyers to local addresses. If you’re in a shared business space, you need to draw potential customers into that space for them to even get a chance to make initial judgement about your business. Check what your leaser allows for outdoor/outside your storefront signage, and get a creative sign to capture the attention of passersby.

Build an image.

When decorating, advertising, and collaborating, keep a brand image in mind for your business. Visuals and vibes are key to capturing the imagination of customers. For example, about 70% of consumers have reported that they believe the quality of a business is reflected in the quality of their signage. Plan your business’s aesthetic ahead of time and try to stick to it. If you have a recognizable aesthetic, standing out in a shared space is much easier.

Illuminate your space.

Circling back to custom sign designs, consider something a little “flashy” like custom lighting. Shared spaces can often feel dim and enclosed, so creating an invitingly lit space is a huge asset to your business. Consider an illuminated window or outdoor signage option, too. They’re eye-catching and inviting in a dim indoor shared space, and also attention-grabbing in a space situation like a shopping plaza or strip mall.

Essentially giving your business unique character is what will jumpstart a successful time in a shared business space. Custom sign designs and creative decoration, collaboration, and keeping true to your brand make a business truly memorable for its customers. You have a good product — so get out there and really sell it!

Reasons to Incorporate LED Lighting in Your New Business Sign

custom signsLED lights are the best way to create the brightest outdoor signs for your business. Not only are LED lights beautiful, they offer a slew of benefits. Before you visit a sign repair company to fix your old business advertisement, consider switching up your branding with LED custom signs. 

You’ll draw in more customers

With bright custom signs, you’ll likely see an increase in the amount of foot traffic your business receives. Nearly 80% of American consumers remember a company based solely on their sign design. If you want to keep your old business sign design, revamping the quality with energy-efficient, bright LED lights will offer high quality signage at an affordable price. 

You’ll save money

LED lighting is an eco-friendly initiative that’s designed to reduce your energy consumption. Despite the larger upfront cost, LED lights shine brighter, look better, and last longer than traditional lighting methods. Your customers will see your sign even in rainy weather. Because of their longevity, your company will save money and effort when you don’t have to replace your sign every few months. Additionally, LED lights won’t jeopardize the entire sign when one light goes out. When you do need sign repair, LED lights are easily replaced, saving you time and money. 

You’ll look more professional

Ever walk by a gas station or supermarket and you laugh because one of their lights are out so it makes a funny new word or phrase? It might amuse the consumer, but you don’t want to be that business. You’re in business to help the customer, not amuse them. Luckily, LED signs are a type of durable, high quality lighting that can shine for up to 11 continuous years. Your professional, custom signs will show your customers you care about your image just as much as you care about the quality of the service you are providing. 

Many businesses doubt the effect that custom signs can have on their clientele. Through eco-friendly initiatives, money-saving opportunities, and an overall professional look, installing LED custom signs is the best way to advertise your business. To get more information on custom LED signs, visit Shamrock Sign Fabrication and Maintenance today.