Why LED Signs Can Change the Sales World

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In the hustle and bustle of retail competition, it can be hard to get an advantage over your competitors. Every little factor counts when it comes to a sales-based income, and it can be hard to account for every variable. That’s where LED signs can turn the tides for you. With the purchase of these signs, sales may increase and edge out your competitors.

What is an LED sign?

An LED Sign is a form of commercial signage that allows you to control what is shown at what time, for how long and how brightly. But instead of having it take a while for the billboard to change, the LED sign can change very quickly, as it is electronic. It allows you to communicate your message to your audience, the consumers. It can have multiple messages, and it can even tell the time and temperature. These are useful tools in attracting business.

Of the business owners who purchased these LED signs, 83% of them noticed an increase in sales. Not only that, but of the people who passed by these signs, 71% of them looked at the messages on the screen. These LED screens not only help draw the attention of people, but it brought in sales — which can be the difference in losing, or winning against a competitor.

The best part is that they are lit up by LED lights, which means that they can be seen at night. When traveling at night, many billboards are lit up by lights, but those lights can easily break or be obscured. With LED lights, the whole sign is lit up by each individual one, and it can really stand out against dark scenery.

It leaves an impression of professionalism, modernism, and sleekness. If you invest in an LED sign, it will be worth your money.

What should I know?

LED signs are among the best quality signage. They are primarily used as commercial signage. As listed before, the benefits of having an LED sign are vast in quantity, and it wouldn’t be wise to just ignore this opportunity for your business.

With LEDs though, there comes the chance of a few shorting and breaking, which may create dead spots on your commercial signage. While this is bad, it also does come with a fix. There are many sign repair shops that specialize in LEDs, and can promptly fix these issues.

You just need to find a commercial signage company that has special sign installers that will help you get your LED sign in place. Most companies will help you with the process of identifying issues with installation, getting the permits, and answer any questions you may have.

3 Essential Services To Look For in a Sign Company

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Getting a custom sign is one of the most important steps in the opening of a business. Typically the majority of a business’s patrons, 80%, live within five miles of the location. These individuals in close proximity see a sign up to 50 times each week. With strong, engaging custom sign designs, this translates to a strong customer base.

While there are many sign companies in Pittsburgh PA, none can compete with the full array of services offered by Shamrock Signs. A sign company should be more than just a sign manufacturer. When the time comes to order custom signage, make sure these three services are available.

  1. Professional installation – The best company to install a sign is the one which made it in the first place. Having a third party install your custom sign is not only less cost-effective, but there is no guarantee they will be able to fully achieve your vision. Make sure to hire a sign company which will also handle your sign’s installation to guarantee the perfect results your business deserves.
  2. Accurate estimates – Businesses have to be particularly careful about budgeting and planning in their early days. Top-quality sign companies such as Shamrock Signs will be able to estimate accurately both the cost and time frame of a project. Hiring a sign company which will provide this information is essential to new businesses.
  3. Full service through your sign’s life – Whether from brutal storms, extreme winds, errant birds, or some other twist of fate, accidents happen and signs can get damaged or defaced. There is no price you can put on the peace of mind that your sign will be looked after and fixed if anything should happen to it. The sign is the face of your business — do not let it go unfixed!

Not all sign companies are created equal — some stop just at the sign’s production, while others go the extra mile. Make sure you hire a company which will also help with the installation and maintenance of your sign throughout its life. Get your sign from Shamrock Signs to ensure that it is properly handled throughout its entire life, right from the moment it’s designed.

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Company’s Signage

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Signage is an advertising and branding tool that can generate an additional 75% to your customer base and referrals. If you don’t have any outdoor signs in front of your business, even if you have high-quality products inside, you’re not going to be all that successful.

Quality signage, on the other hand, can offer all kinds of advantages to your business.

By working with a professional sign company you’ll be able to significantly improve your organization’s on-site marketing, strengthen your brand, and actually bring in some more revenue.

Here are some great reasons to upgrade your company’s on-site advertising with custom sign designs:

  • Upgrade your storefront’s appearance — If the exterior of your business looks nice and is welcoming, it will end up attracting foot traffic and new customers into your store. Custom banners and signs are great for enticing potential customers to step into your establishment and potentially make a purchase.
  • Signs require little to no maintenance — If you opt for cool, LED signs, you won’t have to worry about maintenance too often. These signs are built with highly resistant materials and can withstand years of use and exposure to the elements. Whatever kind of sign you purchase, as long as you’re buying from a reputable sign company, they will likely last and look great for years.
  • Promote all kinds of events — Signage is great for much more than simply saying “Open.” No matter what kind of business you’re running, you can use quality signs to promote all kinds of products, special events, or whatever message you want to convey to your customers. Whether it’s a grand opening or a funny joke written on a sign, use these products to promote anything you want!

If you want to learn more about how custom sign designs can give your business a boost and work with an experienced and professional sign company, give Shamrock Signs a call right away!

3 Traits of Quality Sign Companies in Pittsburgh PA

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What is High Quality Signage?

Before selecting a company, high quality signage must be understood. Half of a business’ new customers are attracted by high quality signage. Between 13% and 20% of the population move each year making outdoor signs necessary for attracting new customers. People remember a business based on their sign.

A sign is the first impression of a business and a high quality business will have high quality signage to draw in their consumers. For the best results, business signs should be strategically placed so they are easily visible from the road. Over 70% of people look at messages on roadside advertising. The sign design should be aesthetically pleasing with a concise representation of the company logo, tagline, and message. Vibrant coloring, clean lines, and a sleek design will draw in the curiosity of customers.

Finding Local Pittsburgh Sign Companies

Finding a high quality signage company can assist in creating an attractive custom sign. Almost half of people say poor signage can deter them from entering a business. Statistics say commercial signage on-site is the equivalent of 24 full-page newspaper ads every year so it is important to find a sign company who understands the importance of custom sign designs. When looking for local Pittsburgh sign companies, there are three traits to consider before choosing a sigh company.

    1. Design and Experience: A professional sign company will understand the importance of a signature custom design. They should be willing to work with the business to design signage that will accentuate the company logo. They should also be able to quickly assess the best placement of the sign to attract the most attention.
    2. Permitting: Most cities and towns have regulations for outdoor signs and the sign company should be readily familiar with zone restrictions. Knowing off hand what is acceptable will make the design process more efficient. If lighting is to be used for increased visibility at night, electrical regulations will need to be considered.
    3. Installation, Quality and Maintenance: The design company should offer sign installation services. This ensures the sign will be properly installed in its designated place. High quality signage should be made from durable material built to withstand outdoor elements. The material itself should be within codes and regulations of the city as well. This will cut down on sign repair and maintenance. In the event the sign is damaged or in need of repair, the sign company should willingly offer maintenance services.
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3 Creative Ways to Better Use High Quality Signage

high quality signsIt might not seem like it makes all that much of a difference, but the quality of your company’s signage is actually extremely important. Poor signage can hurt any business, even if you offer excellent products, services, and have an otherwise stellar reputation.

For newer businesses, signage is even more crucial. In fact, signs attract 50% of a startup’s new customers. You have to do more than simply set up a sign or two out in front of your shop, however. You need to get a little creative with your signage design. According to Vivid Impact, roughly 60% of businesses reported that changing the design or enhancing the visibility of their signs had a positive impact on sales, number of transactions, and profits — with an average increase of about 10%.

Here are some creative ways to improve the way you physically market your business through high quality signs:

    • Focus on entertainment — The main purpose of commercial signage is to simply get people to enter your business, but don’t ignore the importance of entertaining your guests. Signs that grab the attention of passersby are much more effective than boring, conventional, black and white sandwich signs. Don’t go too wild, but some cool color schemes, a funny joke or quote, and some pictures will certainly help.
    • Advertise special deals and events — Welcome signs are crucial, sure. But whenever you have a special promotion or event coming up, bust out some new high quality signs to advertise your business. Whether it’s a grand opening of a new store, a great deal on a featured product, or you’re marketing an upcoming event, signage is a great option.
    • List some FAQs — If your customers frequently have a lot of questions when visiting your establishment, listing a few commonly asked questions and answers on a sign out front is a great way to help clear the air before they are ready to spend money. Obviously, you can’t answer everything on a sign, but it’s a good way to have more engagement with customers and prospective buyers.

If you want to learn more about creating custom sign designs and purchase some high quality signs to boost your business, give Shamrock Signs a call today!

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Why Signage Matters: 4 Great Benefits of Quality Sign Installation

sign installationYour business could have amazing products or offer unmatched services, but if your advertising isn’t up to par, it’s not going to matter. You need people to know about your organization and you need them actually walking into your establishment, ready to do business.

That’s where sign installation comes into play. It sounds simple because it is, but far too many U.S. business owners neglect their storefront signage. Having poor quality signs or no signage at all might save you a buck or two at first, but it will cost you a lot more in the long run. Signs get your business noticed and get people in your doors.

Here are some great benefits of having quality business signs on your commercial property:

    • Local Recognition In the Community — Approximately 85% of companies’ customers live within a 5-mile radius of the business. Those customers are likely to see the signs out front for that business 50 or more time a week, which is a great way to keep your company on the mind of your local customers.
    • Increased Property Value — Sign installation won’t just bring in more customers, subsequently leading to higher revenue earnings. Quality signs will actually increase your company’s curb appeal, which will have a major influence on the property’s resale value.
    • Cost-Effective Marketing — Solid marketing strategies provide exceptional results and having nice, custom signage is no exception. Compared to other types of advertising, signage is one of the best ways to promote your company and brand, bring in new customers, and improve your business.
    • Custom Design Offerings — Though simply having a sign that says “Open” actually helps entice customers into visiting your business, getting a little more creative with your signage will offer significant advantages. People respond to creative imagery and will love seeing more eccentric designs out front. Colorful and fun signs work great — so get as creative as you want!

If you want to learn more about some of these excellent benefits of having custom signage out front of your business or work with sign installation professionals, give Shamrock Signs a call today!


Common Commercial Signage Mistakes to Avoid

signsAs a business owner, you probably understand the importance of effective promotion. If you want to advertise your company to the fullest, you’ll need to (at the very least) have some high-quality business signs that alert local residents to your presence in the neighborhood. Commercial signage might seem like a simple endeavor, but you’d be surprised by how many businesses make mistakes in this area. Avoiding those mistakes should be a top priority to ensure your own success. Here are just some of those missteps.


MISTAKE: Overly Complex Designs

Large-scale outdoor signs should instantly communicate your brand and your message. Unfortunately, that message can easily be misunderstood if you try to say too much in a relatively small space. These kinds of commercial signage should essentially contain your business’s name, logo, and (in some cases) a tagline. Any additional elements will make your sign confusing to onlookers. Keep in mind that even if you stick to only three components, your sign could still have an overly complex design. Using a hard-to-read font, utilizing too many colors, or including overwhelming graphics could really muddy up your messaging. As a general rule, keep it simple and effective. There are other means you can use to communicate additional information.

MISTAKE: Lack of Lighting

If you want to grab the attention of people on the street, you need to make sure your sign is illuminated. That doesn’t necessarily mean your signage needs to contain neon colors, but it does mean you can’t rely on a sign that’s completely unlit. Remember that 83% of business owners that purchased LED signage noticed increases in sales. Your commercial signage may have built-in lighting elements installed or you may need to utilize separate spotlight-style bulbs to throw focus on your sign when it’s dark out. No matter what method you employ, you’ll just need to make sure that passersby can easily view your sign no matter what time it is. Otherwise, they may never even know you were there — and you will consequently miss out on foot traffic.

MISTAKE: Poor Location Choice

Your sign will be only as effective as its location. Don’t neglect to do your due diligence and figure out the best possible place for your signage. If you don’t, you might later realize that your sign was installed behind some obstructions like massive tree branches or it’s blocked from view on the major roadway. Take the time to survey the area surrounding your business from many angles to ensure that your intended placement will be easily viewed to everyone around you.

MISTAKE: Thinking Only of Price

It’s understandable that you need to keep your bottom line in mind. But don’t forget that commercial signage is actually an investment in your business itself. Ultimately, your ROI on your signage will be quite high if you keep the aforementioned tips in mind and choose a reputable sign company. On that note, don’t be tempted to choose sign companies based on price alone. You will end up getting what you pay for — and if you’re paying less than the industry standard, there’s probably a good reason for it. That’s not to say you should pay more than you can feasibly afford, but it does mean you’ll want to consider far more than the final price when making your decision.

Now that you know the mistakes to avoid, you’ll have a better idea of what to include in your signage. To discuss your business sign options, please contact us today! We’d love to assist you in this process and make your organization stand out for all the right reasons.

Three Signs of a High Quality Sign Company

high quality signageAttention-getting signage is vital to a company’s business. This is especially for new businesses since almost 50% of their first customers are drawn in by signage. In fact, 79% of people in America report that they recall businesses due to their signage, and 71% state that they notice advertising signs along the road.

Having no signage at all can also be detrimental to a business. In studies, 60% of prospective customers reported that this issue has caused them to avoid entering a place of business. 

Because signage is a method of branding and advertising that can potentially increase your referrals and customer base by 75%, you want to make sure that your sign is doing a good job of promoting your business. When you’re choosing a company to design high quality signage for your business, there are important factors to consider. Before making a final decision, you should try asking the following three questions.

1. Do They Design Custom Signs?

You’ll want to know what options are available for creating a custom sign for your company. Will an accomplished designer be available to assist with designing your sign, or will you be expected to create a design by yourself? A great sign company works alongside you to produce exactly what you have in mind.

2. Do They Have the Experience Required?

When you’re talking about something as important as your company’s signage, it’s wise to have an experienced professional to do the work rather than risking an unsatisfactory result. Expert commercial sign companies possess the necessary inside knowledge to design powerful, high quality signage for your company. They also understand what is suitable or unsuitable for your type of business, climate, and the surrounding area.

3. Do They Install Your Signage?

You need to make sure that the company will also be able to install your signage once it’s been prepared. The top commercial sign companies can not only design your signage, but they also have the capability to install it as well. If they can, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your sign was properly installed, taking durability and efficacy into consideration.

Since 70% of people believe that the caliber of a company’s signage is a reflection of the caliber of a business, investing in the highest quality of signage available is a sound decision. Armed with these three questions, finding the best commercial signage company for you is a much easier task.


Indoor v. Outdoor Signage: 2 Differences Every Business Should Know

signsUsing signs to advertise your business is a key part of any marketing strategy. In fact, signs attract about half of a start-up business’ new customers, and 83% of business owners who purchased LED signs noticed a rise in sales.

Despite the benefits of commercial signs, it’s easy for a business to mess up their advertising strategy and render their signs ineffective. Sometimes, businesses forget to alter their sign strategy based on whether the sign is located inside or outside.

Though they serve a similar purpose (boosting your profits), your indoor and outdoor sign strategies should have key differences. Here are two subtle but important ways good signs vary based on their location:

1. Outdoor Signs Attract, Indoor Signs Inform

First and foremost, your indoor and outdoor signs should deliver different messages because they perform slightly different functions. An outdoor sign reaches people who might have never heard of your business, so it should include your company name and something pique the interest of passersby. Indoor signs should convey more information about pricing, sales, and the items available — after all, you’ve already convinced the customer to come inside!

Take a coffee shop for an example. A cafe’s outdoor sign should hint that the business sells amazing, artisan coffee and espresso. Inside, the messages should explain which roasts are available, while continuously pulling customers “deeper” with hints about quality, affordability, and the general awesomeness of the business.

2. Outdoor Signs Should Last, Indoor Signs Should Be Dynamic

Outdoor signs have to withstand the elements and be visible from a good distance to attract passing drivers and pedestrians. As such, they should be built to last with weather-resistant materials. Schedule regular outdoor sign repair and maintenance to keep your business sign looking fresh and appealing.

In comparison, indoor advertisements should include more changeable custom signage. Indoor signs should be easy to take down or alter when new deals or products arrive. Flyers, digital signboards, and even chalkboards might make more sense indoors since your company can easily alter the information it displays.

Whatever your business may be, ensure that you adjust your advertorial signage based on its location. While outdoor messages should be a weather-resistant way to attract customers, indoor signs should keep them coming back for more. With these signage tips, your business will be booming in no time!


3 Ways to Boost Sign Readability for Greater Impact

signsWhatever industry you’re in, a potential customers’ first impression of your company will likely come from your business sign. In fact, 79% of Americans remember a business based on its signage.

A sign is like the face of a business. To keep your company running smoothly, you want to put your best face forward. That’s why it’s so important to design business signage carefully. If a company sign is hard to see or difficult to read, it’s useless.

Make sure your customers remember your business by creating a highly visible, inviting, 
and easy-to-read signs. Here are three tips for maximum sign readability and impact:

1. Choose the Right Font

Playing with creative fonts is a great way to tell your brand’s story. Are you a dress boutique offering the latest formal fashions? Then choose a fun, feminine font that suggests elegance. Are you a sub shop that prizes fast service? Choose a bold, simple font to suggest a hassle-free customer experience.

While fonts can tell your brand story, remember to select an easily-readable script. If you choose a font that’s too curly or unusual, your customers might have a hard time reading it. Unusual fonts are especially hard to decipher from a distance. Consider mixing and matching fonts on a single business sign– put the most important information in a simple, clear font like Arial. Then, place descriptors in a more fun font to benefit from both personality and legibility.

2. Contrast Is Your Friend

After selecting fonts for your commercial signs, be sure to choose an appropriate color scheme. Like fonts, the colors on custom signs can tell a brand’s story. However, choosing two or three colors that are too similar will hinder sign readability. Be sure to pair light a light background with dark letters, or light letter with a dark background. Otherwise, your customers won’t be able to read your outdoor signs from a distance, rendering them useless.

3. Less Is More

Finally, don’t try to put every detail of your business on a single billboard, storefront sign, or poster. Most people only give signs a passing glance– including much more than your business name and contact information is a waste of advertising space. Pick a catchy phrase, add an image if you want, but keep the focus on your business name. Don’t worry, customers will come.

Make sure your sign is easy to read with these three tips. By choosing the right font and color, and by keeping your sign simple, your customers will better remember your unique business. For more information about high quality signage for your company, contact Shamrock Signs today!