What Are the Best Colors for Business Signs?

You may not think that the colors you use for your business sign matter, but studies have shown otherwise. In fact, color improves your business brand recognition by up to 80%, according to SmallBizGenius! Outdoor signage is one of the best ways to hook that customer, so here are some of the best colors for a business sign to consider for your own company.

Grabbing Attention

Bright colors are always a standout and can catch the eye easier than neutrals. A balance between a neutral and a bright color can create the best contrast so that the eye is naturally drawn to the sign and makes for a good readable product. You don’t want all neutrals or all bright colors, as that would make readability worse. By looking at a color wheel to see complementary colors and learning about color contrast, you are able to get attention from your color selection.

Working Color Contrast

Colors look different based on what they’re next to. Having one shade of blue next to several different colors would make you “see” that blue differently. This is the same no matter the color, as contrast makes a difference in how your eyes perceive the color. Testing out your color choices will make sure that your color will pop and not fade into the background. For example, a red would pop on a white background, get lost in an analogous orange color, and stand out a bit in a complementary color such as green.

Some of the Best Color Combinations for Outdoor Signage

A few color choices for good impact and visibility, easily read when going down the road, are these color combinations:

  • White letters on dark blue
  • Dark blue letters on yellow
  • White letters on red
  • Yellow letters on black
  • Black or dark blue letters on white
  • Red letters on light blue

A reputable signage agency will test your brand colors and let you see what it will look like in a mock-up before you agree with the final product. Their professional knowledge will ensure you have the best-looking sign for your business!

If you’re interested in taking your outdoor signage to the next level, let Shamrock Signs help. We’re here to put our years of service to work increasing your brand recognition and boosting your sales. Give our office a call anytime to talk more!