3 Ways to Make Your Signs Have a Stronger Impact

If you own a business, you know that your signage is one of the most important parts of your advertising campaign. However, many people don’t realize just how much of an impact high quality signs can have on their customers. If they’re done right, they can help set the tone for what kind of experience your customers will have with your company. Let’s delve into three ways you can make sure that every sign you put up has a strong impact on your target audience. Continue reading

What Is the Return On Sign Advertising?

Advertising signs are an effective advertising medium when placed on your business or vehicle. They say one sign is as effective as placing 24 full-page newspaper ads in a year. The sign does not take a vacation and is always there to advertise your business. The returns on custom signage and billboards are high and cost less than traditional advertising.

Learn more about why you should consider custom signage and its return below. Continue reading

Tips For Creating Great Outdoor Business Signs For Your New Store

If you’re just starting a business, you know the importance of attracting as many new customers to your business as you possibly can. If you have a physical location, one of the best ways to attract new customers to your business is by having an eyecatching and high-quality sign. If you’re starting the process of creating outdoor business signs for your new in-person retail store, restaurant, cafe, or other business, here are some tips.

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3 Reasons to Work with the Local Sign Companies

As a business owner, you already know first-hand the benefits of high-quality signage for your company. Bearing in mind that about 79% of Americans remember a business from its sign, you cannot leave your commercial sign design and installation to chance. This means you must hire a reputable sign company to handle the design and installation of your commercial signage. Your best bet is working with the local sign companies near you. Continue reading

Why It’s Important to Repair Your Company Signage Right Away

Did you know that 85% of a company’s customers live within a five-mile radius of the business? Those same customers who reside near that company are likely to see the signage for that business 50 or more times during the week. Given such, it’s imperative that you repair any damage or address any issues with your sign so that you have a visible business to all passersby. Let’s delve into some great reasons why you need to invest in quality sign repairs right now. Continue reading

4 Quality Custom Architectural Signage Solutions For a Commercial Building

While the value of on-site signage is the same as 24 full-page newspaper ads each year, signage for commercial buildings helps customers and others identify a building quickly. Custom architectural signage is an art form that offers limitless possibilities. Let’s examine some of the most common and exquisite custom architectural signage solutions for commercial buildings. Continue reading

3 Benefits of Installing a Custom Lighted Sign

custom lighted signHaving a quality business sign boosts your brand’s visibility substantially. The majority of customers (70%) say that they consider the quality of a company’s commercial signage to reflect its overall quality. When choosing a business sign, you must decide whether you need a custom-lighted sign or a non-illuminated sign.

Most companies prefer a custom lighted sign because of the following benefits.

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