Get noticed with custom lighting in Pittsburgh!

When you want your business and brand to stand out, choose a Pittsburgh custom lighting solution from Shamrock Signs. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality exterior lighted signs that you won’t find at your local sign shop. You’ll see our premium-quality illuminated signs on corporate buildings, retail storefronts, and other businesses in the Pittsburgh area. Our custom high-wall signage is often seen during nationally televised sporting events, represented on Pittsburgh’s vibrant downtown skyline.

Why Invest in Custom Lighting?

Here are a few key reasons to invest in custom lighting Pittsburgh customers will love:

  • Ensure your business sign is lit 24/7. This will bring exposure to your brand even when you’re closed for the night!
  • Make maintenance less daunting. Our custom-lit signs are made with durable materials that can withstand wear and tear from the elements, resulting in the need for less maintenance.
  • Customize what’s lit. We can program your business signage with any message you’d like.
  • Enjoy a wide variety of options to choose from when we work together to design your custom-lit business signage.

Our commercial lighted exterior lighting clients come in all sizes, from large corporations to small local businesses across Southwest PA, Pittsburgh, Eastern Ohio, and Northern West Virginia.

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