Types of Custom Architectural Signage and How They Can Benefit Your Business

According to Signtronix, of the business owners using LED signs polled, 83% reported experiencing a noticeable increase in sales. If you want your business, commercial space, or property to get noticed, then LED signage is an effective tool. Another option to consider is the use of custom architectural signage. These types of signs are curated to meet a specific need and purpose. The following is an informative overview of this type of sign and how it can help boost your brand.

Wayfinders and Directional Signage

Interior spaces require some directional assistance for staff and visitors alike. Something as straightforward as a “This Way Out” directional sign is an example of custom architectural signage. ADA signage, put in place for safety, is another example of this type of signage. When you work with a custom sign company, your signage will not just convey important information, but it will also elevate your brand.

Eye-Catching Murals and Wall Coverings

If you’ve ever walked into a company’s reception area and been riveted by a larger-than-life mural or full wall covering, then you’ve been impacted by architectural signage. This type of signage is an effective way to make a statement while also putting your branding front and center. When the rest of the signage that’s associated with your business’s office space or building, the impact is even more impressive. A custom design and creative team can help you find the best image to relay the statement you want to make about your company’s brand and ethos.

Finishes for Glass and Exterior-Facing Surfaces

If the street-level surfaces of your building are bare, then you’re missing out on an amazing branding opportunity. In addition to providing passersby with information about your company, hours, and services, you can also create images that convey some emotional information about the company. You’re likely familiar with these giant images that encompass the entire height of the ground floor. They serve as advertisements and marketing tools. Creating images that direct potential customers to your business is more than achievable when you implement this tool. Don’t let empty space go wasted, use it to spread the word about your brand.

Interested in learning more about the ways that custom architectural signage can help give your brand a boost? Contact us today and let’s schedule a consultation to begin the conversation. We look forward to working with you.