3 Tips for Choosing the Best Colors for Your Custom Signage

How much thought are you giving to the color of your custom signage? According to Brand Watch, the color of your custom signs can improve the recognition of your brand by up to 80%. This fact shows color is a powerful ally in marketing. Here are three tips to ensure that you are choosing the right colors for your custom signage.

1. Consider the Message You Want to Deliver

Colors evoke emotions and have meaning. Psychologists have spearheaded several studies to understand better how colors affect consumers’ buying choices. For example, using green in your custom signs can send the message that your company is a supporter of nature. Using purple in your signage tells consumers your brand is creative. Using gray in your signage can signal that your company is sophisticated. The colors that you use in your signage can help define the message you want to send about your brand. Consider your company’s culture when choosing colors to use in your signage. The right colors will send the right message about your brand.

2. Don’t Choose Your Favorite Colors

One of the mistakes business owners make is using their favorite colors for their business signage. Sometimes using your favorite colors works out. Other times, it doesn’t. Consider two colors that contrast. For example, a dark background with lighter text and graphics. The colors should contrast to get the consumer’s attention, but they should also complement each other. Warm colors on a sign will invoke feelings of reliability and trust. Cool colors will invoke feelings of professionalism. Some good color combinations for signage include:

  • Black and white
  • Purple and yellow
  • Blue and white

Many color combinations work together well. Sticking with two colors ensures that consumers receive information without being overwhelmed.

3. Choose Colors Consumers Will Remember

Signage becomes associated with your brand. You should use the same colors in the signage that you use in your logo. The colors you choose for your custom signage should sync with other marketing materials. Consider this, does anyone on the planet not associate a yellow arch with a red background with Mcdonald’s? Those two colors will always be associated with the McDonald’s brand. You too should choose colors your customers will remember.

Choosing the right colors for your custom sign is essential. Luckily, the right sign company will help you make the best decisions regarding color, font, and style for your custom signage. Call us today at Shamrock Signs! We look forward to working with you.