Why You Should Never Attempt Sign Installation Yourself

Signage plays an important role for any business, group, or organization. Signs provide directions and information, and they get people’s attention. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration, a sign attracts about 50% of new customers to a start-up business. Professional sign installation is a must, so here are three reasons why business owners shouldn’t DIY this important investment.

1. Professional Installation Equals Professional Results

Signage is often your first introduction to new customers. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and professional sign installation ensures that your sign is installed properly and that it makes the right first impression. The right signage conveys important information about your business. Plus, there is an art to installation; professionals make it look easy, but it isn’t.

Installing a sign correctly takes a specific skill set and experience. It takes time to hone the skills needed to hang a sign properly. Installing a sign also takes special tools that can be expensive to invest in, so trust the experienced professionals instead!

2. It Can Be Risky

Signage often requires an electrical connection to light up the sign. Working with electricity is always risky if you don’t have the required skill set. A sign not connected properly to the electricity can become a fire hazard to your business.

Of course, electrical problems aren’t the only potential risk. A sign hung incorrectly can fall to the floor or ground and hurt people on the way down. A broken sign is expensive to replace and, of course, could leave you liable for any injuries or damage it causes.

3. Full-Service Support

Hiring the professionals for your signage means you get full-service support. A professional sign installation team will make it easier to maintain your signage. Most companies offer a full suite of sign maintenance and repair services. You can have the peace of mind that you need to focus on your core business responsibilities and not worry about your signage.

Choosing a professional sign installation service is the best way to get the business signage you need. Choosing the right sign company will ensure that your signage is expertly installed and gets your business the attention it deserves. Call Shamrock Signs today to learn more about your sign options!