What Qualities Do the Best Quality Signage Companies Have?

Advertising generates sales. According to Zen Business, using signage as an advertising and branding tool can increase your customer base by up to 75%. To ensure you’re creating the best quality signage, look for these four standards when hiring a signage company.

Industry Expertise

The best signage companies will be able to demonstrate and prove expertise in their field. They should be able to provide examples of past work, have knowledge of the available fonts and graphics, and be ADA-compliant. A company’s ability to produce the best quality signage will be reflected in business awards, customer reviews, and previous big-name clients. They should also have excellent product support, quick troubleshooting, and easy access, especially if you’re working with digital signage.

Product Range and Formats

Your signage provider should be able to offer a range of products, sizes, and styles. A company with diverse options will be better able to help you create and implement a sustainable advertising strategy. Though digital signs can be updated instantly and display several messages, the best quality signage companies can help you identify the format that best suits your goals. Additionally, a company that can work in multiple formats eliminates the need for additional advertising contracts.

Competitive Pricing

Upgrading your signage can be an expensive project. However, with a comprehensive Return On Investment analysis, you can make sure you’re making an effective long-term decision. The best quality signage will bring in customers for many years, so knowing there will be a significant payoff can seal the deal. A good signage company will also offer you multiple designs, each with a different quote. Knowing your options and costs upfront will ensure you make the best decision.

Custom Solutions

Your business is unique and needs a sign that fits your goals, format, and appearance. A good signage company should offer a range of designs and solutions that meet your needs. They should not use stock images for your advertisements but create custom artwork and designs that fulfill your vision. You should have access to the design process, and they should be happy to help and communicate throughout the production process.

Professional signage companies strive to create the perfect sign for your business. With a customer-oriented design process, Shamrock Signs can ensure you’re boasting the best quality signage! Give us a call today to get started.