How Are Custom Signs Built?

Businesses looking for high-quality signs often choose custom products for their business. According to FedEx, 68% of respondents to their survey disclosed that they believe the quality of a business’s products or services is reflected in its signage. This means your signs are an important glimpse into the quality of your company for many consumers. Let’s take a closer look at the building process for custom and high quality signs.

Template Options

Many custom signs begin as a template. You choose the size, shape, and material, then add your custom touches. Of course, with laser cutting, any shape is available to you. Creating a custom sign allows you to view some possibilities in the process. Your options will be presented to you in digital format in order for you to make decisions about your sign without having to build multiple test options. The more time you take during this part of the process to build exactly what you want, the more satisfied you’ll likely be with the finished product.

Graphics Review

Once you determine the size, shape, and material for your sign, the next step is to incorporate your branding graphics and other custom touches. Custom details and color schemes give companies a more professional look that attracts customers. Your contact at the company you choose will work with you to build your logo and branding with the product created. The more custom effects you add, the more your sign will stand out and represent your company.

Quality Check and Production

After you’ve signed off on the digital proof of your sign, it will move into production. Once the product’s been made, you’ll typically have an opportunity to do a quality check and review of the sign. Next, you’ll want to find a prominent place to hang your sign and draw attention to your business’s products and services. These custom and high-quality signs are an effective way to draw attention to your company. Depending on where it’s located, you could even enjoy more foot traffic to your company. The benefits may surprise you!

Shamrock Signs is the company to call when you need high quality signs. The custom products our team creates will exceed your expectations. Contact us today and let’s get started making what you need!