What Signage Style is Right For Your Business?

The Role of Good Sign Companies in Pittsburgh PA

A good sign company understands the importance of producing high-quality signs. A sign is comparable to a handshake. The quality of the handshake gives off the first impression of a person just as most consumers pass judgment on a business based on their outdoor signage. High-quality signs placed outdoors have the power to attract half of a business’ new customers based on their appearance alone. To encourage even more consumer traffic, there are different types of signage and styles that can be implemented throughout the business’ storefronts.

Signage Styles from Sign Companies in Pittsburgh PA

The type and style of signage needed depend on what kind of business is being represented. Some places may be sufficient with one outdoor sign while others may benefit from having more signs installed inside. It comes down to the needs of the business, assessing what type of sign will be the best fit, and making the sign contrast compared to others.

  • Branding: High-quality signs accentuate branding. Branding is creating a custom style that is associated with and representative of the business. This could be color, font, and logos. The look is established right away and carries through to all types of signs whether they are big banners with the entire business name or simple letterhead on a piece of paper that just showcases a minute version of the business logo. Branding is key when it comes to using signs for wayfinding. For example, a hospital may color code different units and post signage around the hospital with that color scheme so patients can easily find their way around. Branding is what makes the business recognizable.
  • Unique Installation: Once branding is established, it can be enhanced by how the sign is installed. If it is an outdoor sign, the lighting might be utilized to illuminate the sign in the darkness. Lighting can also be used indoors for an added effect that grabs the attention of customers when they first walk in the door. Another effect is using signs that slightly raised letters and images off the wall in a modern-day raised relief look. This option is especially appealing for large signage against a plain white wall.
  • Hoarding versus Stingy: Sometimes less is more, but sometimes more is more. This is the difference between hoarding and stingy signing. Hoarding is a tactic where the signage is filled with information, it might be almost overwhelming. The idea is to draw attention to the sign and then provide the consumer with a variety of information. This kind of signage can be found in strip malls where new retail spaces are being constructed. Often large temporary walls are put up to block construction and the incoming stores use these to advertise their business that is coming. Contrasted to hoarding, stingy signing can give off a clean cut, professional appearance. When done right it says what it needs to say just in the design or font alone.
  • Retail Signs: When specifically addressing high-quality signs for retail, there are several tactics used. Some places use the hoarding to attract people in, while some stick with the stingy version of signage. Other signature features of retail signage are implementing the use of printing on glass. These are often graphics that incorporate branding and wayfinding. In addition to glass, retail settings are known to use several smaller signs throughout their stores which draw attention to specific items or features their products have to offer. These signs are flamboyant and stick out to draw the customer’s attention to them.

Whatever need arises when it comes to representing a business, sign companies in Pittsburgh PA are available to assist with custom designs.