Why Might You Need to Repair Signs?

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, you know how important it is to keep a visible sign outside. Signage shows off your business name and lets people know where you are. Therefore, you should never let your sign become worn down or damaged. Here are some reasons why you should always repair signs as soon as possible.

Easy Advertising

A commercial sign is one of the few types of advertising that you pay for once and can keep reusing for an infinite amount of time. Did you know it’s a branding tool that can generate as much as an extra 75% of your customer base and referrals, according to ZenBusiness? Anyone may walk in off the street based on the nature of your signage and then refer your business to their extended network. When you don’t keep your signs visible and presentable, you waste all that potential organic foot traffic and revenue.


Your sign illumination matters, especially if it relies on lights to be visible. It can also be distracting when sign lights are constantly flickering on and off. What if the lights go out completely? When people can’t see your sign, especially from far away, it fails to serve its purpose. Plus, if people notice your normally lit sign is now dark, they may mistakenly think your business is closed. Repair signs so customers don’t inadvertently walk or drive away thinking you’re not open.

First Impressions

Can you imagine going to a business with an exterior that has built-up dirt, mold, bird excrement, and other elements? Your sign is one of the first things people will see when they visit your business, and it goes a long way in making a first impression. A disgustingly dirty sign isn’t a good way to impress new customers. It may even turn off existing clientele, who may now think that the quality of your business has gone down if you’re skimping on regular upkeep.

Your commercial signage goes a long way in creating organic traffic and revenue. It’s also an important part of your curb appeal. Regardless of how organized and successful your business is, a dirty and unkept sign says the opposite about you. Don’t hesitate to call in our professionals at Shamrock Signs to repair signs when they start showing issues!