The State of Sign Companies in 2023

Adaptability is a critical component of building success in modern business. That sentiment applies to businesses based in all industries, but it rings especially true for sign companies. The degree to which advertising has changed over the last decade is truly remarkable. If you go to a sign company today, you may be surprised by how they approach their craft. Learn more about how those companies are changing with the times by continuing below.

Signage Is More Accessible Than Ever

According to IBIS World, the billboard and sign manufacturing industry had a CAGR of 1.6% over the last five years. The numbers show that the industry has held steady despite facing numerous challenges. The industry’s ability to incorporate new technology, such as LED lighting and customized lightboxes, has been central to maintaining that growth.

Durability is Timeless

As a business owner, you likely want to pay close attention to the details and dimensions of your property’s signage. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, your brand is not exempt from the standards of a consumer. Ill-fitting branded displays, whether they’re incongruent with your company’s visual style or location, are a turn-off for customers.

It’s easy to find advertising businesses that rely entirely on creating signage with the exact materials and details you prefer. You’ll find that the experts at Shamrock Signs utilize in-house fabrication of signage solutions that will be to your exact specifications and business needs.

Minimalist Signs Are More Prevalent

Lastly, the modern signage industry has also embraced the wave of minimalist design. Gone are the days when businesses put up ostentatious signage to attract customers. They are content with keeping things simple, so they stay in line with other industries.

Unlike the other two trends, the staying power of minimalist design is harder to grasp. People may start turning away from that trend sooner rather than later. Make sure you’re ready for that by staying in touch with advertising companies.

The signage industry is constantly evolving, and consumers are the beneficiaries of that. Innovations will only lead to better products that can boost your business more effectively. Get only the best commercial signs for your business by contacting Shamrock Signs today! We look forward to designing and implementing signs that will help your brand thrive.