The Perks of Digital Signage

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Is your company struggling with visibility? Team up with sign companies to create a lasting impression on existing and potential customers.

High-quality signage can have a tremendous impact on your business outreach. Currently, more and more businesses are transitioning to digital, custom sign designs. Industry experts agree these digital signs pack the most potential. Learn more below.

Digital Signs Are Highly Customizable

Producing any other sign can be labor-intensive. Designs are drawn-up, envisioned, and over time, the finished product will be installed on your storefront or at your preferred location. While these signs are of high quality, the process does take time.

Digital signs cut right to the chase. Design digital signs and use LED and/or other high-resolution options to display them near-immediately. If you do not like the way something looks, you can change it without too much work. Plus, even if you want to tweak small details, digital signs and sign companies make it convenient and economical to do it.

It is even possible — and advantageous! — to create temporary signs to reflect current sales and discounts and/or make any timely announcements.

For Higher Engagement and Interaction, Go Digital

Static signs can be important for visibility and credibility — your business name and services should be readily apparent from the storefront or building front — but digital signs are the ones that really capture customers’ attention.

Simply put, customers are way more likely to notice and remember digital signs. In fact, among businesses who invest in LED signs, an impressive 83% note an undeniable uptick in sales. LED signs and digital displays themselves catch attention. Increase engagement with moving elements, video, and/or interactive menus. Video is particularly effective. Seventy percent of customers remember seeing digital video signs in the last 30 days, and 47% can even describe the specific ad! Customers often fail to notice static signs they are regularly exposed to. On the other hand, studies show that the majority of pedestrians and customers keep noticing digital signage day after day.

Similarly, interactive digital signs — like menus and touch-screen kiosks — require customers to actively engage with business and/or products. This active engagement improves recall rates and goes a long way to make a lasting impression.

Easy Implementation And Hassle-Free Maintenance

While large, statistic outdoor signs require a good deal of labor and planning — with the right software — some digital signs can be manipulated using mobile applications. That means, once you have the design and LED screen up, you can get your display up as well.

Once in place, digital signs can be maintained remotely. Monitor signs using mobile apps and request maintenance from sign companies as necessary. Digital signs often require a quick tune-up. They do not wear and fade, which is inevitable for especially long-lived static signs.

Did you know that 70% of customers judge a business by their sign? Wow them with new, up-to-date digital signage. Digital signs are eye-catching, high-quality, leave lasting impressions, and can be customized with relative ease. Contact us today to learn more about going digital.