Outdoor Business Sign Options to Consider

An important part of your marketing strategy is visibility for your business. Signs attract almost half of new clients for a business, according to business expert Brandon Gaille. This means that the sign you choose is crucial to your overall success. Let’s look at some outdoor business sign options to choose from and some other important factors to consider.

Types of Signs

The first thing you should realize is that there are different types of signs to choose from. The type you choose will need to suit your particular property and purposes. There are two main categories of signs: primary and secondary.

A primary sign is usually the one that is used for branding and displaying your company’s name. You may also include the company logo to help new customers better recognize you. Under this category, there are also other types of signs to choose from. These include freestanding and building mounted.

A secondary sign will give additional details that help customers learn more about your business. This type of sign might include specific location information, products, services, or other crucial information that can help them make a decision. Keep in mind that secondary signs often need to follow guidelines established by the Americans With Disabilities Act in order to provide information clearly to all customers.

Other Considerations

In addition to choosing the type of signs you need, you will also want to consider other things such as lighting and placement. These can have a big effect on how others view the sign and how well it conveys your message.

Another consideration will be your local municipal codes and zoning regulations. These factors will definitely affect what types of signs you can put up and where you can place them. Before you start visualizing the perfect sign, you should look into these details. This can help you plan out your signage options. If you do this step last, you could wind up wasting time and money if you find out you can’t actually do what you had planned.


Another important factor to consider will be your budget. Purchasing and placing signs for your business should be considered as part of your marketing budget. You will want to do a little research to make sure that the types and placement of your signs will accomplish your goal so that you will get a good return on your investment.

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