How to Make Your Commercial Signage Memorable

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In big cities, businesses with iconic signs easily stand out from the rest and attract more customers. This is because your signage is the first thing potential customers notice when visiting your business. According to FedEx, 79% of Americans will recall a company based on its sign. Therefore, to improve your brand recognition, you may want to ensure that your commercial signage is unique and memorable. Here are some tips to get you started.

Use the Hierarchy Rule

If there is more than one thing to read in your signage, it is often important to decide what you want to capture your customers’ attention first. You may want to use larger fonts for the most critical part of your signage and smaller fonts for less important details. You can also apply the hierarchy rule by using more contrast in the most crucial part of your signage.

Pay Close Attention to Readability

Creating vibrant, eye-catching signage with poor readability is like having no signage at all. Commercial signage must be readable because its primary function is to convey information to your audience. Therefore, ensure that you use less fancy and more readable fonts. Also, use bigger fonts that are correctly spaced and have the proper letter case and height. Remember, the goal is to be visible from afar.

Be Creative in Your Design

Using simple yet effective graphics and incorporating your brand logo and slogan is a creative way to make your commercial signage memorable. People adore visual content. Therefore, merging graphics into your design can attract potential customers and make them visit your establishment.

Use Vibrant Colors

There is power in colors; with the right ones, business owners can influence how consumers purchase and make decisions. Using the right colors can inspire action in consumers in unimaginable ways. For instance, a red-on-white color can be used to alert customers about an upcoming sale, while a blue color can evoke trust in your customers. Also, choosing vibrant colors can be a great way to make your signage stand out from the rest.

Your signage is among the first things potential customers notice when visiting your business. You must make it memorable by being creative, using the right fonts and attractive colors, and ensuring it is readable. To make your commercial signage stand out today, contact Shamrock Signs today!