How Custom Sign Design Can Help Your Small Business

The first thing that most people will see when they come to your business is its sign. It draws them in off the street and tells them what your business offers and is all about. In fact, 60% of customers have said that being unable to see a sign kept them from going into a business entirely. Either they didn’t know what was physically inside, or they simply wanted to avoid a business that didn’t take the time and effort to put up outdoor signage. This is where custom sign design comes in.

Why Custom Sign Design?

A lack of proper signage can reflect poorly on your business, and oftentimes unfairly so. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the best quality signage possible for your business. For many companies, the best way to ensure they have high-quality signs is to get a custom sign design. Typically performed by a local sign company, custom sign designs ensure that you have the proper signs in place for your business and that they fit your needs and purpose.

Find Custom Sign Design that Fits Your Small Business

The first step in getting a custom sign design is to have the sign installers look at your storefront and the needs that should be filled. This includes the size, lighting, and design. It needs to be big enough that it can be seen from the road to attract people driving by who may not know that the business is there. It shouldn’t be so large that it looks comical juxtaposed to the size of your business. The lighting matters to make sure that your sign is clearly visible at night or in less than ideal conditions. This can include making the sign itself glow or putting lights in such a way as to spotlight the sign.

Custom Sign Design Highlights Your Small Business

What your sign actually looks like is one of the most important aspects of high-quality signage. This should convey what the business’s name is and what they do at a glance. If someone is hungry and driving by, you want them to be able to tell that your business sells food without having to get out of their car to investigate. Along with making sure what you are as a business is important, it’s also important to convey who you are as a business. This is to say that a sign helps brand your business to the local community. It not only tells them the name of your business, but it also provides the atmosphere that you hope to create. A custom sign design helps tell the world your purpose as a business beyond just what you do. 

For many businesses, especially small businesses, there are a lot of details that can become overwhelming when opening up a brick and mortar location. These details are important. When it’s something that you need outside help in, as a custom sign design for business often is, there are experts available to help get your small business’s advertising off the ground.