How a Lack of Outdoor Signage Can Actually Hurt Your Business

Are you curious about whether a lack of signage may harm your business? Without a doubt, the answer is yes! Lack of outdoor signage can negatively impact customer traffic and sales for your business. Don’t believe what we say? Let’s quickly look at some documented stats. The Sign Research Foundation reported that 61% of American customers could not find a business because of poor outdoor signage. From a business perspective, 60% of companies claimed that adding new outdoor signs or updating an existing outdoor sign resulted in a 10% or greater boost in sales. You may have neglected company signage in the past, but these statsics show just how important your business’ signage is. Here’s how a lack of outdoor signage can hurt your business.

Your Brand’s Awareness Among Your Target Market Declines

While your signage certainly encourages customers to visit your business, it also plays a crucial, if less obvious, role in preserving the recognition of your brand in your target markets. Even if passersby don’t instantly pause and head straight for your door, your signage helps them remember you’re there. This familiarity gradually fosters confidence and trust in your brand.

You Run the Danger of Alienating or Upsetting Your Clients

Due to a lack of outdoor signage, most businesses struggle to draw customers into their establishments and go overlooked as a result. If customers struggle to find your store when they want to buy something, they will undoubtedly become frustrated and dissatisfied. Making that initial impression when trying to gain clients or even sales is definitely not a good idea.

You Miss Out on Sales and Valuable Foot Traffic

Simply said, a lack of external signage will cost you sales. And the data doesn’t lie when we look at the numbers. 60% of consumers have reported that a lack of signage prevented them from entering a business, according to Sign World. You cannot afford to overlook the lack of effective outside signage given the amount of money left on the table from lost customers and sales.

Outdoor banners and signs have a purpose beyond simple commercial displays. They rank among the most important elements of marketing and advertising. Most businesses employ outdoor signage as part of their marketing plan to build their reputation as a reliable and respectable source. This is because outdoor signage can effectively reach a large audience without your company’s need to go to them. Are you ready to get started with personalized outdoor signage for your business? Give us a call at Shamrock Signs today!