7 Most Important Early Storefront Investments

custom signStarting a retail store is difficult these days, but it can still be very profitable. Early on in the life of your business, you will most likely be on a very tight budget, but there are certain things that you absolutely must invest in to grow your business. Here are a few examples.

  1. Custom Signage

    You might think that custom signs should come later after you’ve settled into your new role as an entrepreneur, but you would be wrong. Custom outdoor signs are one of the most important things you can invest in. In fact, 60% of consumers say that a lack of signage has prevented them from entering a business.

  2. Decor

    You want your customers to feel a certain way when they enter your business. Proper decor is the first step toward establishing a professional store.

  3. Sensual Triggers

    You want people to remember your store and come back later. One way to do this is burning a familiar incense scent or lighting candles so that customers have a firmly implanted memory of your shop. Lighting, music, and comfort are all important as well.

  4. Social Media

    You simply can’t run a business these days without having a website and social media pages. Hire a professional to build these if you don’t know how.

  5. Online Reviews

    This is critical. Get good reviews early on or else your business doesn’t stand a chance. This can mean asking your friends to leave good reviews, but it really means providing the best possible service you can manage.

  6. Referrals

    Use a referral program to build a customer base. Give early customers a sizable discount when they invite their friends, and keep the program running until your store is more popular.

  7. Employees

    Nobody can do everything by themselves. Unless you own a very small shop with limited hours, hire employees you can trust to be bastions of customer service excellence.

When starting a new business, the environment is everything. Custom lighting, signs, scents, decor, and aura are the most important early investments you can make. They will help form the image your business wishes to present and bring in customers that are eager for a visionary new place to shop.