5 Unique and Effective Signage Strategies

signsSignage is always an important step toward creating a retail store that’s bustling with happy customers. This is reflected by the fact that 79% of Americans remember a business from their signage. The signs you use to advertise your business and strengthen your brand need to be both memorable and effective at targeting your key demographics. The following are different strategies you can use to convey a message to potential customers.

  1. Guerrilla Marketing

    This type of marketing takes time and creativity but can reach many more people than typical custom signs. While the idea behind guerrilla marketing is found in using company pens with your phone number on them, it has grown to be a form of viral marketing. Temporary street art with brand imagery, flash mobs, and skywriting are all in the spirit of guerrilla marketing. Combine the ephemeral nature of these ideas with the viral-worthiness of your sign design and you will be well on your way to wide-reaching signage.

  2. Informational

    Using concise and visible font, convey what your business is about. The key to informational signage is to keep it minimal and direct, but compelling and actionable all the same.

  3. Contact Point

    A very short description or catchphrase about your business, coupled with a phone number or web address, can provide people with a means to get in touch with your company.

  4. Mysteriousness

    Going with a minimalistic design without too much information about what your business does might seem like a bad idea. Well, it can be, but if you execute it correctly, consumers will be curious enough to look into it themselves. Make sure to have a page on your website ready to explain the intriguing signage.

  5. Location Based

    If you’ve ever seen signs for a fast food joint on the highway telling you exactly where to go, you know just how effective this strategy can be. If you provide necessary goods or services, consider sign placements on busy roads.

When choosing a sign company, make sure it is versatile, accommodating, and shares your desire for a well crafted and highly creative finished product. This is how you will ultimately find the best outdoor signs Pittsburgh has to offer, no matter what strategy you employ.