3 Ways to Boost Sign Readability for Greater Impact

signsWhatever industry you’re in, a potential customers’ first impression of your company will likely come from your business sign. In fact, 79% of Americans remember a business based on its signage.

A sign is like the face of a business. To keep your company running smoothly, you want to put your best face forward. That’s why it’s so important to design business signage carefully. If a company sign is hard to see or difficult to read, it’s useless.

Make sure your customers remember your business by creating a highly visible, inviting, 
and easy-to-read signs. Here are three tips for maximum sign readability and impact:

1. Choose the Right Font

Playing with creative fonts is a great way to tell your brand’s story. Are you a dress boutique offering the latest formal fashions? Then choose a fun, feminine font that suggests elegance. Are you a sub shop that prizes fast service? Choose a bold, simple font to suggest a hassle-free customer experience.

While fonts can tell your brand story, remember to select an easily-readable script. If you choose a font that’s too curly or unusual, your customers might have a hard time reading it. Unusual fonts are especially hard to decipher from a distance. Consider mixing and matching fonts on a single business sign– put the most important information in a simple, clear font like Arial. Then, place descriptors in a more fun font to benefit from both personality and legibility.

2. Contrast Is Your Friend

After selecting fonts for your commercial signs, be sure to choose an appropriate color scheme. Like fonts, the colors on custom signs can tell a brand’s story. However, choosing two or three colors that are too similar will hinder sign readability. Be sure to pair light a light background with dark letters, or light letter with a dark background. Otherwise, your customers won’t be able to read your outdoor signs from a distance, rendering them useless.

3. Less Is More

Finally, don’t try to put every detail of your business on a single billboard, storefront sign, or poster. Most people only give signs a passing glance– including much more than your business name and contact information is a waste of advertising space. Pick a catchy phrase, add an image if you want, but keep the focus on your business name. Don’t worry, customers will come.

Make sure your sign is easy to read with these three tips. By choosing the right font and color, and by keeping your sign simple, your customers will better remember your unique business. For more information about high quality signage for your company, contact Shamrock Signs today!