3 Outdoor Signage No-Nos to Avoid

outdoor signsAdvertising with outdoor signage is a great way to bring new people through your doors. People passing by your location will see the sign and if they’re interested in what you have to offer, they’ll stop in. When you’re advertising outdoors, it’s important to be aware of things you shouldn’t do. Let’s take a look at a few outdoor signage no-nos. 

Don’t Get too Elaborate
Any outdoor signage is designed for people passing by to read. If there are too many words, someone driving by your business isn’t going to be able to take the time to read everything on your custom signage. Stay away from too many words and follow the rule of seven. The rule of seven means you should keep the copy length to seven words or less. You also need to make sure that the advertisement can be read and digested in seven seconds or fewer. 

Don’t Tell, Show Instead
Since you only have seven seconds to appeal to a passerby, don’t waste room on your outdoor signs. Instead, try and capture the potential customer’s emotions through visualization and imagery. By doing this, you’ll be able to catch their attention and your message will stick in their minds. To do this, you can use images that set the tone for the ad and talk about its concept virtually. 

Don’t Use Small Images or Fonts
If someone passing by is more than a foot from your sign, chances are they’re not going to be able to see small images or fonts. Larger, bold text is easier to read and can help people comprehend a message from farther away. Add adequate spacing between the letters and words to enhance the text’s functionality. 

You should also choose a font that shows off your personality. For example, Arial or Times New Roman can make a company seem generic. But something a little abnormal will make your company appear creative and credible. 

At least 71% of people look at the messages on roadside signs. Making simple mistakes like using too small of a font size or putting to much on your outdoor signs can really make or break your success. Avoiding these things can help bring more people through your door and instantly grow your business.