Why Signage Matters: 4 Great Benefits of Quality Sign Installation

sign installationYour business could have amazing products or offer unmatched services, but if your advertising isn’t up to par, it’s not going to matter. You need people to know about your organization and you need them actually walking into your establishment, ready to do business.

That’s where sign installation comes into play. It sounds simple because it is, but far too many U.S. business owners neglect their storefront signage. Having poor quality signs or no signage at all might save you a buck or two at first, but it will cost you a lot more in the long run. Signs get your business noticed and get people in your doors.

Here are some great benefits of having quality business signs on your commercial property:

    • Local Recognition In the Community — Approximately 85% of companies’ customers live within a 5-mile radius of the business. Those customers are likely to see the signs out front for that business 50 or more time a week, which is a great way to keep your company on the mind of your local customers.
    • Increased Property Value — Sign installation won’t just bring in more customers, subsequently leading to higher revenue earnings. Quality signs will actually increase your company’s curb appeal, which will have a major influence on the property’s resale value.
    • Cost-Effective Marketing — Solid marketing strategies provide exceptional results and having nice, custom signage is no exception. Compared to other types of advertising, signage is one of the best ways to promote your company and brand, bring in new customers, and improve your business.
    • Custom Design Offerings — Though simply having a sign that says “Open” actually helps entice customers into visiting your business, getting a little more creative with your signage will offer significant advantages. People respond to creative imagery and will love seeing more eccentric designs out front. Colorful and fun signs work great — so get as creative as you want!

If you want to learn more about some of these excellent benefits of having custom signage out front of your business or work with sign installation professionals, give Shamrock Signs a call today!