Send Me a Sign (For Better Advertising)

sign repairSigns are invaluable to a business. Without signs, how would we know what carries the items we need or how much they cost? For a business, signs are a way to attract customers, advertise sales, and tell the customer exactly what they’re getting. Signs are particularly effective for local business — about 85% of a business’s customers live within five miles in any direction of the business’s location. If signage is done correctly, the customers will probably see signs for it at least 50 times a week. However, it’s not just enough to have signs, you also want to think about what kinds of signs will be most effective for your business — outdoor signs, signs with custom lighting, etc. — and keep up with sign repair so that everything looks as it should. 

Sign Me Up for a Good Sign!

Having on-site signage is just as effective as taking out 24 full-page newspaper ads a year. When done right, signs can offer funny or thought-provoking messages that stop a customer in his or her tracks and get them interested in what’s being advertised. You’ve probably taken a picture of a particularly clever sign and shared with friends or lingered by a store with a good sign — and, the business hopes, gone in or marked it as a place you want to check out later. And high quality signs stand out — you remember them for their color or size and sharp look. 

It’s a powerful and prevalent advertising and branding tool that can create up to 75% of an additional customer base and generate more referrals. They’re also everywhere — almost everywhere you look, you’ll see a sign — which means that businesses have to be more creative in how they advertise and display their signs, to stand apart from the crowd. 

What are the Main Benefits of Signs?

Distributing Information: If there were no signs, how would we know where to go? Signs help guide us in our everyday life — we use them to drive, find locations, and purchase goods, among other things. It tells us when there’s a sale at the grocery store, helps us find the best bargains for our holiday gifts, and where to find the necessities we require for everyday living. 

Attracting New Customers: Signs are responsible for drawing in about half of new customers for a business. And because 13-20% of the population moves annually, that means companies have that percentage of new customers to draw in every year with their signs. Indeed, almost 80% of Americans say that they remembered a business because of their sign. 

Reputation: A sign also can reflect the quality of your business (which is why sign repair is such an important thing to keep up with). Around 70% of consumers said they believed the quality of a business’s sign was indicative o the quality of the store. And about 60% of consumers said that seeing no signs kept them from going into a store, which is something no business wants! 

Where Should I Go For Sign Repair?

If your sign is looking shoddy or run down, due to weather, time, or an accident, you should definitely be considering sign repair. As mentioned above, businesses are often judged by the quality of their signs and a bad looking sign might keep people away. 

In some cases, the sign company that installed your sign might be able to come out and fix it — in other cases, you’ll probably want to look at general sign repair stores in your area. Check and see if the place you originally got your signs from offers repair services as well — that can be one of the easiest ways to get what you need fixed. 

Don’t skimp on your business’s signs. They’re a powerful marketing asset to your business, even if they often work on an unconscious level. Keep them up to date and working properly, and you may find your revenue increasing.