What Is the Return On Sign Advertising?

Advertising signs are an effective advertising medium when placed on your business or vehicle. They say one sign is as effective as placing 24 full-page newspaper ads in a year. The sign does not take a vacation and is always there to advertise your business. The returns on custom signage and billboards are high and cost less than traditional advertising.

Learn more about why you should consider custom signage and its return below.

Signs Provide Your Business Exposure

The sign on your business or vehicle is there and does not go anywhere. It is a constant reminder for customers when they drive or see the sign. It stays up 24/7 for customers to see if they walk, drive, or pass by it. A large sign is less expensive and always a good investment because people will see it clearly.

Your sign can be designed to be simple with a few colors, or it can be a complex design that really stands out. You have the option of choosing what is best for your business. Vehicle signs are often bumper stickers and decals on the window. When your signs are distinctive, your customers and potential customers will remember them.

Ways Commercial Signs Increase ROI

Custom signage can also increase your customer base. The sign will increase foot traffic to your physical business or store for local customers. An attractive sign can increase sales by about 20% for your business. When you do not have the money for new signs, many companies can repair and refresh your sign to make it look new again. A good sign can build brand awareness but should be designed for the customers you want to reach.

Do not design a sign to attract customers that will not use your product or service. It can give you a chance to get customers’ feedback directly. It may increase your customer base if the sign has a phone number to call and they can reach you for an appointment or more information.

Good custom signage is a constant reminder to the customers of your products and services. It is geographically effective, as it advertises to local residents. On a vehicle using bumper stickers or decals, you should include the address and phone number. Overall, signs should have a phone number to call. Signs are simple and they do not require a complicated process. Overall, custom signage gives your customers a consistent way to learn about your business and a way to contact you. If you’re interested in signs for your business, contact Shamrock Signs today.