The Harm That Bad Or Poor Signage Does To A Business

high quality signsHigh quality signs give direction, provide information, and promote businesses. An appropriately installed, well-designed, and in good condition signage is an asset to your business. But, when your signage isn’t designed correctly or looks tacky, it can do more harm than good. Here are three consequences of having poor signage for your business.

1. Turn Customers Away

Approximately 60% of customers have confirmed not to enter a business due to poor or no signage. Therefore, incorrect punctuation and spelling are sure ways to put off potential customers. A lack of proofreading shows that you aren’t competent as a company and don’t take time and care to check things. Before ordering your signs, it’s essential to get someone you trust to proofread them for you. Remember, there’s a distinction between how you want it to read and how it reads — always get a second opinion.

2. Letting Your Brand Lose Its Sheen

Signage reflects your brand and business. So, it’s important to ensure your high quality signs are expertly made and well-designed. This is especially important for businesses looking to earn the consumers’ trust, such as healthcare, accounting, food services, and others. Therefore, giving an off-putting impression to clients is brand poison. Old-looking signage isn’t effective. Remember to keep your signs updated with the current trends. You wouldn’t want your business to look like it’s caught in a time warp and hasn’t incorporated any new tricks.

3. Giving The Wrong Impression

Your signage provides a lot of information for visitors and customers about what your business stands for. Your use of imagery, typography, slogans, and other design elements work together to give your customers a unique impression of your business and whether it’s eco-friendly, approachable, luxurious, trustworthy, and so on.

If these design elements differ from what your business offers, it can cause problems from a branding perspective. Even if they might not stop customers from approaching your business, they might walk away disappointed or confused if what you offer doesn’t match the impression they got earlier.

So, every design choice on your signage is important because it implies certain things about your business — its ethos and its offerings. Different colors, typefaces, and images can subconsciously put the viewers in the mind of specific feelings and associations. That’s why MacDonald’s branding is different from that of Chanel or Starbucks.

Make sure your signs are working for you… and not against you! Remember your customers need to find you, and your signs can give them all the information they need to do business with you. You can ensure your business gives a great impression and sets itself up for growth by getting well-designed, high quality signs.