Points to Consider When Purchasing Outdoor Business Signs

When it comes to choosing outdoor business signs for your small business, you should understand that there’s more to effective signage than slapping your logo on a sign. Outdoor business signs serve multiple purposes: they show your customers where to enter, they identify your business, and in some cases, they convey information about your hours, address, website, and phone number.

Considering 70% of consumers feel that a business’ quality and value is represented by their sign, making an impression with a business sign is imperative. Without it, prospective customers could drive or walk by, or make false judgments about the service you provide. You’ll want to attract some of the 71% of drivers that notice roadside advertisements.

Here are some things to consider when selecting outdoor signage to represent your business.

Make Your Outdoor Business Signs Readable

Work with your designer and local sign company to ensure that your outdoor business signs are readable. If you have an existing logo, your outdoor signage provider will require a high-resolution image to create your sign from it. Your local sign company can also help you select the appropriate size for your signs and decide how many to purchase.

Readability isn’t just important for the daytime, either: commercial sign installations should include lighting. Whether the sign is completely LED-powered or lit by a soft light frame, stay visible by illuminating your signage at night. Your advertising should work for you even when your business is closed.

Consider Multiple Outdoor Business Signs

Most business owners realize that it’s important to have a sign outside the front of their store. However, what about the other angles? If the back of your store borders a busy road or highway, you’re missing out on perpetual advertising if you don’t hang a second sign there.

Consider also how prospective customers will view your store from different vantage points. What works for a driver on the other side of the road might not work for the pedestrian under the overhang outside of your store. In addition to those large outdoor storefront signs, add some signage to your door and storefront so people know which store they’re walking into or past.

Outdoor Business Signs Need Maintenance

Remember that fact about business signage reflecting the quality of the business? Your outdoor business signs are exposed to all of the elements. You’ll also need to change bulb lighting and check the signs for leaks, cracks, dents, and damage, especially after a storm. A damaged sign is a potential lawsuit waiting to happen.

For the best sign safety and quality, you should also count on your local sign company for sign maintenance and repairs.

While signs are an investment for your business, they say a great deal about you, such as how you take pride in your location, the colors you choose to represent yourself, and how willing you are to make your business known to the world. Get started with custom sign designs and make sure you’re seen in the best light – from all angles.