How Signage Influences Sales


local sign companiesThe cost of acquiring new customers is high, and as it is, most business owners are leaning toward referrals to widen their market share. With this in mind, why not use an attractive, simple sign to get loyal customers who happen to walk in? High quality signage is a proven, time-tested way to attract more customers to your business.

According to studies, 70.5% of customers will not enter a business without signage, and nearly 80% of Americans identify a company with its signage. Temporal or permanent signs directly affect business sales and revenue.

Signage Relevance

Business signage speaks to a company’s brand and its quality. Your signage can attract customers from competitor businesses and even like-minded business owners. While businesses are always turning to social media marketing and digitization for their businesses, signage remains a critically important part in advertising your services and symbolizing the quality of your products. Bold, colorful signage that reflects your brand and draws attention to your company has a weight to it that is exponentially greater than any other form of advertising.

Signage makes it easy to find a business. It lets prospective companies know what they can get from you. Additionally, local sign companies can help create signage with character to reflect the business personality and brand.

Recently, colorful, clear signage has been a win as more businesses lean toward minimalistic branding. LED signs have the power to illuminate your brand for customers at even greater levels at nighttime.

Professional Sign Companies Will Help You with Signage

Professional local sign companies create unforgettable signs that stay relevant for years incorporating business colors and themes. They walk you through numerous different signage options, which is are far better than low-grade unprofessional signs.

It’s nearly impossible to overlook how high quality signage, marketing, and brand identity contributes to revenue. Professional signage companies, through experience, can help you discover what is best for your business based on its market, location, and local laws. Contact Shamrock Signs today!