Are Business Signs Still Beneficial?

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As technology continues to march forward at a relentless pace, many people wonder if or when certain aspects of a business will no longer be viable. For example, are business cards still worth it (we say yes)? Business cards were originally used as a way to give someone a quick reference to your business and convey important information (name, phone number, address, etc) With smartphones putting the internet in a person’s pocket, are business cards even worth it? What about business signage? Do you really need a sign company or sign installation? Is business signage worth it or should you just focus on a website? (hint: do both)

Though technology is advancing faster and faster, having an impressive physical presence in an increasingly digital world can be a huge benefit. In fact, it is estimated that the value of on-site signage is equivalent to running 24 full-page newspaper ads per year. Here are the top reasons for sticking with the best quality signage for businesses:

Great for Local Recognition: In order for someone to become your customer, they need to know about your business. Take pride in your local office as a place where customers want to come and spend time buying your products or services. It doesn’t matter if you are running a snow cone shack or a legal firm, appearances matter. Often the first thing a customer (who hasn’t heard of you or interacted with you before) notices about a business is what the office and office signs look like. If you have a poorly managed sign that is run down and looks like it is 20 years old, customers think you are outdated or don’t care enough about your business to invest in an updated sign. The best quality signage is a great way to show your customers the type of quality you believe in for your business.

Potential for Grant Refunds: Many cities have economic development departments with budgets that are designed to reward businesses who demonstrate a commitment to improve and beautify a commercial property. The cities know that a well-kempt landscape and building will help draw more customers to a business, and will be a good look for the city overall. Check with the economic department of your city to see what types of business grants are available for getting the best quality signage for your business.

Build Property Value: If you own your business property, having a great business signage system can help increase the property value. This is especially true if you will be renting out or sub-leasing parts of your office space to other companies who would like to display their logo or name somewhere recognizable. The “curb appeal” associated with commercial property is very real.

Brand Repetition: Yes repetition not recognition. It is important for your brand to be recognized, however, in order for that to happen, people need to see the brand again and again and again and again and . . . you get the point. The more someone repeatedly sees a brand, the more likely they are to remember that brand when in need of that type of service. Additionally, customers associate higher quality and trust with brands that they see repeatedly. Signage on your business property is a great way for people to see your business name and logo over and over again. Every time someone drives past your business, they should be seeing and recognizing your brand. Some estimates say that around 85% of your customer base will see your sign at least 60 times in a year.

Help Locate or Relocate: We live in a pretty transient society. People move every 6 or so years and need to find new services near them. Being able to stand out and help newcomers locate (or relocate) your business is super important. Many customers, when looking for a service, if they cannot find it quickly, give up and look somewhere else. Don’t let potential customers slip through your fingers because of poor business signage! Get the best quality signage for your business to keep new and continuing customers streaming in.