5 Tips to Help You Create Quality Outdoor Signage

Quality outdoor signage is an effective advertising and branding tool that can boost your customer base and referrals by 75%. For outdoor business signs to be effective, everything from design to installation must be a perfect fit. The following tips will help you create high-quality outdoor signage.

1. Trust the Top Sign Companies in Pittsburgh, PA

You may have a sign with a catchy and memorable message and a compelling call to action, but it won’t count if customers can’t see your sign. This means that you have to get the design and installation of your commercial signage right. It takes an experienced sign company to design and install outdoor signage for your business. When selecting sign companies, choose one that has designed and installed similar business signs for companies in your local area.

2. Choose a Strategic Location for Your Outdoor Signage

The location of your custom signage is of the utmost importance. You want your passive and active customers to see your business sign effortlessly. You should try and place your commercial signage as close to the streets as you can. However, you can’t just install your company sign anywhere you want because there are regulations that control sign installation. As long as you’re within regulations, you want your signage to be adjacent to the busiest street leading to your business. Ensure that it stands out from the rest of the signs by having a unique color, shape, and size. It should also be visible from a distance without obstructions such as trees.

3. Keep the Message Short and Precise

The message on your business sign should be short and straightforward. Before coming up with the final message to display on your commercial sign, you should edit your copy extensively to get rid of fluff and unnecessary details. Ideally, your outdoor signage should indicate your company’s name, phone number, location, logo, and tag line. Researchers say that it takes the average adult one second to read four words. This means that your company sign must be brief and to the point. It should say who you are, what you do, and where you’re located. Save the other details for when the customers visit your business. Additionally, you may want to avoid abbreviations because they take more time to read, and customers may interpret them differently.

4. Use Second Person Possessive Adjectives

In your outdoor signage, appeal directly to your customers by using possessive adjectives such as yours. You want your business sign to talk directly to your customers and compel people to visit your business, buy your products, or use your services. For instance, if you’re a family law attorney, your custom signage may read, “Make Your Divorce Stress-free” or “You Need Us In Your Corner During Your Divorce.” Words such as “you” and “your” have a personalizing effect that makes prospective customers more inclined to use your company’s services.

5. Your Outdoor Signage Should Create a Sense Of Urgency

The choice of words when advertising your services and products should be well thought so it’s memorable, creative, and time-sensitive. Phrases such as Buy While Stock Lasts, Limited Offer, and 50% Price Discount For First Buyers encourage customers to grab your products now. Your company sign is your number one sales agent, so you should make the best of it. It’s estimated that impulse buying accounts for more than 55% of all retail sales. As such, your business sign should cheer your customers to take advantage of your current offer and buy your products.

Good outdoor signage is a long-term investment for your business because it serves as your number one sales agent 24/7. Therefore, you should invest in top-quality commercial signage that stands out and puts your company on the map. A good business sign is well designed and strategically installed to reach a wider audience. Your sign’s message should be brief, catchy, memorable, and have a compelling call to action. To get the best outdoor signs in Pittsburgh, you should trust a reputable local sign company.