3 Reasons to Update Your Company’s Custom Sign

Working with custom sign installers to create a beautiful sign for your business can be intensely fulfilling, both personally and financially for your business. But what if your sign has seen better days? Could it be time to replace your old signage? Let’s explore a few common reasons you might want to update your business’s custom sign design.

You Want to Rebrand

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to rebrand. If you’ve had the same custom signage for a long time, a fresh start can feel invigorating. Successful businesses build a brand for themselves, and all signage should accurately reflect that. Even if your brand name is staying the same, a new image can bring your business into the present day and age. Rebranding really can be as simple as updating your signage to reflect a more modernized version of the brand that you continue to uphold. It’s also possible that you want to change the color scheme of your business and have that reflected in your business signage.

Your Sign Has Seen Better Days

Another key reason to update your signage is simply cleaning it up. Business signs, especially those that live outdoors and weather the elements, are prone to excess wear and tear. If your sign is looking a little beat up, faded, or damaged in any way, it’s likely time for a replacement. Living in an area that experiences frequent hailstorms or high winds puts your outdoor sign at risk for this kind of damage, too. In addition, nobody likes to see a broken sign. Missing letters or chipping paint might even drive some of your potential customers away if you’re not careful.

You Need a Bigger Sign

The whole point of investing in a sign for your business is to tell customers exactly what you’re providing. If your sign is too small, your customers may not be able to tell that your business is able to help them find what they’re looking for. Your sign needs to be big enough and bold enough that potential customers and passersby can clearly see it. If you think your sign is a little too small, it could be time to invest in some help from custom sign designers and sign installers. A bigger sign will definitely be beneficial for your business.

Signage is a branding tool that can generate an additional 75% in terms of your customer base. Don’t leave your signage to chance — make sure you contact sign installers when it’s time for a change.