Your Ultimate Guide To Custom Sign Design

custom sign designYour business sign is crucial to capture the attention of people passing by and turning them into loyal customers. What do you need to know to create the best one possible? Here is your ultimate guide to custom sign design.

Types of Signs

The type of sign you choose will depend on your overall business goals and the rules and regulations of your city and state. There are several types of custom signs to choose from. A pylon sign is a freestanding structure suspended on poles that’s placed in high traffic areas so that people passing by can see it from far away. A monument sign is typically placed at the entrance of your business to make a good first impression of your brand to visitors. Digital messaging boards can be added to pylons and monument signs to provide people with more information about your business.

An LED sign can make your custom messaging standout and attract more customers. Approximately 83% of business owners saw an increase in sales after purchasing this custom lighted sign. Other sign options include way finding signs to direct visitors to your business, interior logos, and wall mount cabinets and plaques.


Outdoor business signs are a highly effective marketing tool. According to a FedEx survey, three out of four people have recommended a business to others simply on its signage alone. Approximately 60% of consumers stated they wouldn’t enter a store without a sign.

According to a University of Cincinnati study, businesses saw a 10% increase in sales when they added or replaced their commercial signs. An LED sign with an electronic messaging board can save you money on advertising costs, as well. The cost per thousand views for a newspaper advertisement is about $7.39 cents. In contrast, the same message on a messenger board will cost you around 45 cents.

Design Elements

There are a few elements you’ll want to consider carefully with your custom sign design. The first thing is the content you’ll want to include. Keep it as simple as possible. Include your business name, logo, brief message, and where people can find you. Also, consider the colors of your brand and how it will affect readability with your custom signage.

The size and style of the font you use will also make a big difference. You want to make your lettering as easy to read as possible from a distance. It’s highly recommended that each letter be at least an inch tall for every 25 feet of the overall distance. There are also various materials you can choose from for your commercial signage to help it remain durable during various weather conditions.

A sign company professional can help you choose the best custom sign design for your business. Make a smart investment and stand out from your competitors with an attractive and visible sign that will get people in the doors. Your bottom line depends on it.