Tips For Your Architectural Signage Design

custom architectural signageCustom architectural signage is a great investment for your business’s roadside appeal. Having an official set-in-stone announcement of your business’s storefront is not only validating for you, it’s a big draw for potential local customers. Good signage can attract half of your new customer base, so make sure that the design of your custom architectural signage is exactly what you want to advertise to your customer demographic.

Focus on the name, but don’t discount adding extra info.

Obviously, your business’s name should be the focal point of any custom architectural signage. A lot of folks think that info beyond the business name is unnecessary on architectural and roadside signage. Some counties and towns have even added bylaws to their books that make extra information on roadside business signage illegal, often on the grounds that it’s unsightly or distracting. Contrary to popular belief, about 71% of people read the messages on roadside signs. If you have an appealing bit of info or important information to add in small type under your business’s name, don’t be completely discouraged. An expert sign designer can help pull the text into the overall ‘look’ of the sign and keep the design on-brand.

Don’t sacrifice durability purely for aesthetic.

Especially if you’re on a tight budget for advertising and signage, architectural signs need to last. They’re out in the open, susceptible to weathering and fading, and you don’t want to be paying for another one just a few years after you bought the first one. You can compromise a little bit on durability for esthetic purposes like materials and colors, but heed any warnings from your sign installers and designers. 

Make sure your preferred esthetic for your business is decided upon before designing your sign.

If you’re not sure what kind of colors and styles represent your business yet, get busy setting up your business’s design style guide. Your architectural signage should be a reflection of your business’s mood. Don’t settle on random blue and yellow hues and Victorian style for your architectural sign if you’re going to decide six months later that you want to go with a green and orange color scheme and modern vibes instead. Keeping your business esthetic uniform across signage and advertisements helps you create a recognizable, authoritative brand identity.

Experienced sign companies know how to make custom sign designs that adhere to your wants AND advise you on the best practices for designing outdoor signage. Even so, keep these important tips in mind when working out a design so you’re not disappointed.