Three Signs of a High Quality Sign Company

high quality signageAttention-getting signage is vital to a company’s business. This is especially for new businesses since almost 50% of their first customers are drawn in by signage. In fact, 79% of people in America report that they recall businesses due to their signage, and 71% state that they notice advertising signs along the road.

Having no signage at all can also be detrimental to a business. In studies, 60% of prospective customers reported that this issue has caused them to avoid entering a place of business. 

Because signage is a method of branding and advertising that can potentially increase your referrals and customer base by 75%, you want to make sure that your sign is doing a good job of promoting your business. When you’re choosing a company to design high quality signage for your business, there are important factors to consider. Before making a final decision, you should try asking the following three questions.

1. Do They Design Custom Signs?

You’ll want to know what options are available for creating a custom sign for your company. Will an accomplished designer be available to assist with designing your sign, or will you be expected to create a design by yourself? A great sign company works alongside you to produce exactly what you have in mind.

2. Do They Have the Experience Required?

When you’re talking about something as important as your company’s signage, it’s wise to have an experienced professional to do the work rather than risking an unsatisfactory result. Expert commercial sign companies possess the necessary inside knowledge to design powerful, high quality signage for your company. They also understand what is suitable or unsuitable for your type of business, climate, and the surrounding area.

3. Do They Install Your Signage?

You need to make sure that the company will also be able to install your signage once it’s been prepared. The top commercial sign companies can not only design your signage, but they also have the capability to install it as well. If they can, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your sign was properly installed, taking durability and efficacy into consideration.

Since 70% of people believe that the caliber of a company’s signage is a reflection of the caliber of a business, investing in the highest quality of signage available is a sound decision. Armed with these three questions, finding the best commercial signage company for you is a much easier task.