Is Your Sign Costing You Customers?

Commercial sign installation can make a significant contribution to whether a business stays afloat during these unpredictable times. While it may be considered an extra expense by small business ventures, especially when money is tight, it can make all the difference.

Announce Reopening

An owner’s first instinct upon reopening may be a digital marketing blitz with social media, banner ads, and emails. New outdoor business signs might be an afterthought however, a study by the University of Cincinnati, indicated conventional outdoor signs failed to draw the attention of 49.7% of customers. With this in mind, custom signage announcing reopening will go a long way towards bringing back customers.

Shopping alternatives

Though digital marketing may be helpful, physical signs are invaluable in multiple ways. Not only can they announce reopenings while contributing to overall aesthetics, they can also help in the digital sphere. It is impossible to choose an option if one does not know it exists – custom sign design can remind patrons of an online shopping option. There will likely be customers who continue to maintain social distancing and they can be informed of the alternatives to in-store shopping – curbside pick-up and delivery choices.

Signs Stick with People

Due to the human inclination for visual cues, an attractive logo or sign will make a lasting impression – 79% of Americans’ memory of a business was associated with a sign or a logo and 50% of in-store shoppers named outdoor signage as the reason for their visit.

One of the first goals of marketing is to bring people in, physically or digitally, off the street and the potential to do exactly that, with well-placed commercial sign installation cannot be overestimated. Without this, there can be no sale and no revenue.

Change is Good

While an establishment may have used signs to advantage in the past, like everything else, they will eventually need to be refreshed. The unprecedented events of recent months have shown how behaviors can change and with it, what old and new clients are looking for. Custom sign design can tap into this and provide a made to order experience for those who are looking for something to fit their new perspective.

Important to note is that businesses have reported an average of 10% rise in overall sales, transactions, and profits after changing the design or enhancing the visibility of signage. Use of a catalyst such as reopening to update current business signs can be a skillful marketing tool at this time.

The Right People for the Job

Knowing how impactful a well-designed sign can be for a business, it is crucial to choose the right sign company. The key factors to keep in mind are quality, versatility, and scalability. It is critical to make sure a company matches the given project in terms of size and scale – versatile versus specialized. An essential point to remember is which sign companies own their own equipment, trucks, and scaffoldings as that will reduce the overall cost.

Among Pittsburgh sign companies, you will find a variety of options that will help with design, production, and installation.

An investment in commercial sign installation is one that will provide around the clock benefits. Rain or shine, closed or open, it will constantly be working as a marketing tool at all hours, taking a business through reopening and beyond.