4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Sign Company

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The sign for your business is incredibly important when it comes to making an impression on potential customers because it is typically the first thing they see. Around 85% of a company’s customer base lives within a radius of 5 miles around that business. It is highly likely that these customers see that business’s signage at least 50 times each week. Choosing the right sign company is crucial in making a good first impression. Here are four questions to ask before hiring a commercial sign company:

Where Will Fabrication For My Sign Be Done?

This question is crucial because you need to be aware of where your sign is coming from. Some sign companies will outsource a portion of the work to other companies. A great sign company will fabricate the signs themselves. Ask the company about any projects they have completed in the past and if they offer installation services as well.

Who Do I Contact With Questions?

Unforeseeable snags happen from time to time, so it’s important to know who to contact when these occur. Many reputable sign companies offer project managers, online chat support, or a hotline that customers can contact in regards to any questions or concerns. Be wary of any company that doesn’t offer transparent communication for its customers.

Do You Offer Warranty and Maintenance Services?

A great contractor will back up his work with a warranty and be willing to fix any issues that may arise. A typical warranty can provide coverage for anywhere between 3 and 10 years. Make sure you ask what the warranty covers and what maintenance services are available. You can also ask how much sign repair will cost on items that are not covered.

Do You Have References?

You will want to see if the contractor has references that are similar to the work that you want to have performed. Ask for pictures, videos, or case studies that you can take a look at. Drive by and take a look at any outdoor business signs they have recently completed. This will give you a good indication of the type of work that they will do for you.

By asking these four questions, you will be able to find a sign company that you can trust who will provide the service and attention you need. It’s important to have a great looking sign if you want to attract new customers. Do your homework carefully before hiring — and good luck!