5 Reasons Why Signage Still Matters in The Digital Age

sign companyYou might believe that marketing is a mostly online enterprise these days, and you’d be right. More than ever before, companies are moving their products and services onto the internet. It only makes sense that marketing efforts would follow suit. If your company has a physical store, however, one marketing strategy has stood the test of time: signs. Here are a few reasons why custom signage is still important to a growing business. 

  1. Foot Traffic
    If you operate in a large city with a lot of passersby, you will get the most out of hiring a sign company. When you think about optimizing a marketing tactic to reach the largest amount of people possible, custom signs should be the top of your list. Just look at storefronts in New York City, almost all of them have signs.

  3. Attention Grabbing
    When you use custom sign designs, you have the unique opportunity to grab someone’s attention in a passive and consistent way. Of the business owners who purchased LED signs, 83% noticed an increase in sales. What’s more attention-grabbing than an LED sign?

  5. Cost Effective
    Since you only have to pay for your sign once and it will then generate leads for as long as you are in business, it is one of the best cost per customer lead generation tools you can find. Whether you are a small business in the start up phase, or a long-standing institution in need of new leads, signs are a great way to go.

  7. Brand Building
    Branding and brand imagery plays a huge role in your marketing efforts. Signs are a great way to reinforce your brand and give customers an image they will remember.

  9. Permanence
    After a sign company installs your businesses first sign, it will stay there for as long as you want. As far as marketing goes, there are not many other strategies that will work 24 hours per day for eternity. 

Yes, digital marketing is important. You need a web presence to succeed long-term in any business. Still, as far as long-term lead generation goes, you can’t really beat custom signage.