4 Ways To Make A Lasting Impression On Your Customers

Custom sign design

According to Forbes, there are over 28 million small businesses across the country. That number doesn’t even begin to account for all the medium-sized businesses and large corporations out there, as well. Suffice it to say, it can be difficult to stand out in the endless sea of businesses.

That is where your brand comes in. Crafting a memorable brand is vitally important to your company’s continued success. Start with visuals — here are four steps to make your brand’s visuals compelling and memorable:

Keep It Simple

A full 79% of customers will remember a particular company thanks to outdoor signs. The best way to increase this number and to create a lasting impression in customer’s minds is to keep it simple. Custom sign designs that are straightforward and to-the-point easily trump those that are more convoluted. Why is that the case?

The vast majority of consumers struggle from over-saturation or information-overload. In the Information Age–with devices right at our fingertips and millions of ads, articles, and blurbs to comb through and process–it is impossible for our brains to remember every single one. A study from the Harvard Business Review makes it clear, “69% are more likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences.”

Further, Inc.com explains that our brains are most likely to rely on gist memory. Gist memory is exactly what it sounds like. We remember key elements and big things, not nuanced details.

Appeal To Your Customers’ Emotions

Ideally, customers want to forget that you are selling something to them. Instead of framing business as a transaction, frame it as a mutually beneficial relationship. In other words, customers have a need and your product or service can help them meet that need.

Use custom sign designs, advertisements, and other branding opportunities to connect emotionally with your customers. There are several emotions you can target. Appeal to belonging, humor, love, family, grief, ambition, sadness, or anger.

Remember: Presentation Is Key

The way you present your brand is key. That means that you have to keep up appearances, even when it comes to the small details. Commercial signs that are flickering or signs with some letters illuminated end up looking unprofessional.

For the best brand recognition results, regularly maintain signs and inspect them for any indications of wear. Keep signs clean and well-lit, and make a point of installing outdoor signage in prominent places. You want as many people to see your sign or signs as possible.

Also, it is important to stay consistent across mediums. Your outdoor sign needs to display the same logo on your menu, product list, or advertising emails. Keeping things consistent creates a cohesive brand that is easy to remember. If you upgrade your sign with a new, fresher looking design, make sure to update your emails, too!

Craft Your Logo And Outdoor Signage With Intention

Finally, did you know that the color or shape of your logo can change the way your customers feel about it? Custom sign designs must consider these small details and proceed accordingly.

For example, different colors call to mind different principles. Traditionally, blue fosters trust while red triggers hunger and appetite. A design filled with bright splashes of color suggests high-energy or youth.

Similarly, certain symbols evoke particular feelings or emotions. An unadorned leaf, a simple silhouette of a tree, or a few lines representing waves calm and soothe consumers, making them a good option for spas and salons.

Is your brand helping–or hurting–your company? Remember, keep things consistent. Make sure signs, logos, and advertisements are not too busy and contain just a few key elements. Present yourself as a friend or ally to the customer, and be picky about the font, colors, and negative space in your custom sign designs!