3 Signage Trends to Help Make Your Business More Successful

sign installationSign installation is a great way to attract more customers to your business. The use of custom signs can tell a passerby about a sale you’re having or about any other promotions you might be running.

While signs are so commonly used, there are a few trends you should consider to have the most success. Here are a few of those trends.

Texture Printing
Texture printing uses 3D printing technology to allow everyone to read your sign. For example, the American Disabilities Association uses texture printed signs that have braille on them for people with visual impairment. It’s a great tool that will help customers stay safe and get into your building with ease. 

Texture painting isn’t just used for braille purposes, though. It can also be used for design purposes. For example, what if the backdrop of your custom signage was brick? With texture printing, the sign will not only look like brick but it will feel like brick, too. 

Building Wraps
Another trend in the signage world is building wraps. This means your entire advertisement will wrap all the way around your building. If you don’t want it to wrap around the entirety of your space, you can have it covering the street side of your building or have it cover one or two floors. Consider your message and your building’s location when deciding which would be the best option for you.

Reception Signage
Sign installation in the reception area of your building can help create a great first impression. It allows you to show your logo off to your customers the minute they enter your business. Not only can it help in terms of advertising, but it will reassure the customer that they are in the right place. If you feel like your logo, tagline, and color scheme are a bit outdated, consider undergoing a rebranding process. 

Sign installation is a branding and advertising tool that can bring in an additional 75% to your customer base and referrals. It’s such an important tool to use if you want to grow your company. Consider using building wraps, texture printing, and even reception signage to advertise your business.